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Regulation of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism to regulate the payment of user fees at the points of sale of plastic shopping bags from 1 January 2019 It was published in the Official Gazette.


The "Regulation on the Control of Packaging Wastes" was published in the Official Gazette

which was prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in order to increase the efficiency and efficiency of collecting waste separately at the source of packaging waste.

The "Packaging Waste Control Regulation" dated August 24, 2011 will be lifted by the Directive, which entered into force on 1 January 2018.


Regulation has been amended to provide payment of user fees at the point of sale of plastic bags from 1 January 2019 in order to prevent visual and environmental pollution resulting from the use of plastic shopping bags which have been precisely rinsed on all over the world, and to prevent the use of unnecessary plastic bags


Regulation was based on reducing the use of plastic bags per person per year by December 31, 2019 throughout the country, not exceeding 40 by December 31, 2025.


In this context, plastic bags will not be included in any promotions or campaigns that will allow the user or consumer to be provided free of charge at points of sale, including sales made with distance contracts from January 1, 2019. Only very light plastic bags will be exempt from this practice.


Base fee for plastic bag will be determined by Ministry


The base fee to be applied for plastic bags shall be determined by the Ministry considering the market conditions and the proposal of the Packaging Commission which is composed of representatives of the relevant sector every year, and shall remain valid for the following year.


No fees will be charged for these plastic bags under the Ministry's price tag


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The obligation to use packaging waste for packaging producers


The new regulations also improved the criteria for licensed waste disposal facilities. Three different types of collection and sorting facilities were identified in accordance with the population to be served


According to this, "Type 1" facilities will serve the population of over 400 thousand, the area will be at least 3 thousand square meters and at least 2 thousand cubic meters of separation capacity per day. "2nd. Type "facilities will serve between 100 thousand and 400 thousand population, at least 2 thousand square meters of area, the daily capacity of 600-2 thousand cubic meters will be allocated. "3. Type "facilities will serve up to 100 population. The plant will have a total area of ​​at least 1000 square meters and should have a separation capacity of 100-600 cubic meters per day.


In order to protect the natural resources / raw materials and to make the recycling widespread, the condition of using packaging materials was introduced to the packaging producers


Notwithstanding the provisions of the legislation related to the use of recycled materials and materials, producers of plastic, paper-cardboard, glass and metal packaging products are subject to production processes related to packaging to be supplied to the market in the country. by 4 percent, by 25 percent for paperboard, and by 10 percent for metal.


Separate collection system at source


Regulations have also been made to ensure efficient and efficient collection of domestic packaging wastes (glass, plastic, metal, paper-cardboard).


In order to ensure the development and dissemination of the collection infrastructure and to increase the collection volume of the domestic packaging waste, it has also been obliged to provide 80% of the targets to the authorized organizations from the domestic packaging waste collected by the separate collection system at the source.


Considering the number of firms operating in Turkey, at the point of recovery obligations should be fulfilled in order to simplify the monitoring of the management activities required some adjustments were made.


In this framework, it was ruled that businesses should use the "deposit method" which is effectively used in many countries where the recycling rates are high, or that they should transfer their obligations to organizations authorized by the Ministry


25 percent infrastructure support for municipalities

  In order to provide support to institutions authorized under the strengthening infrastructure of the collection system, at least 25% of the remaining amount for the collection of support equipment, collection tools, training and awareness- the obligation to provide infrastructure support to the ini municipalities.


Wastes to be monitored "online"


The provision that the declaration, notification, documentation and the packaging waste management plans, which are required to be made within the scope of the Regulation, should be sent through the "Packaging Information System", which is an online program opened for the use of the stakeholders of the regulation.


In this way, online monitoring of data on the amounts of packaging produced and marketed by the market, collecting and recovering packaging quantities, detailed reporting and effective supervision throughout the country will be ensured.