The Oldest Known Solar Eclipse Can Change Our Legends About Ancient Egypt


The event that took place more than 3,000 years ago may help explain the mysterious expressions in the Bible.

The researchers dated the oldest solar eclipse recorded so far, October 30, 1207 BC. It is thought that this bullet will lead to major changes in our knowledge of the ancient world.

The discovery by a team at Cambridge University can rewrite the history of ancient Egyptian pharaohs with the help of the Bible, which for centuries has been busting certain expressions of ancient Egyptian texts and sunspot.

In the Joshua Book of the Old Testament, "Joshua spoke to the Lord before the people." And the moon is in the Ayalon Valley. " The sun was standing and the moon was in place until the enemy of the people fainted. "

It is told that Joshua led the Israelites to the land of Canaan – the antique region currently on the borders of Israel and Palestine.

Research co-author Sir Colin Humphreys of the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge "If these statements reveal a real observation then it is a significant astronomical event. Here we have to understand what the text is actually about. "

( Sun Hijackings in Ancient Mesopotamia )

The study, including details of the findings, was published in the Astronomy & Geophysics magazine published by the Royal Astronomical Society.

Humphreys says that in modern English translations following the King James translation, completed in 1611, this text is usually translated as if they were standing in the sun and moon.

Humphreys says, "But when we returned to the original Hebrew manuscript, we decided that it would be possible to interpret something other than these expressions, such as sun and moon, what they normally do, In this context, the Hebrew expressions may explain why a solar eclipse, in other words, the Moon enters between the Earth and the Sun, so that the daylight does not reach certain regions on Earth. The fact that the Hebrew word "stopped" has the same root as Babylon, which expresses holdings in ancient astronomical texts, supports this interpretation. "

Humphreys and co-author Graeme Waddington are not the first researchers to claim that the text in the Joshua book explains a solar eclipse. However, previous historians have stated that the calculations needed to be done are said to be impossible to assess the probabilities further due to the tough nature.

The large granite stele known as the Mernaptah Steli, containing the text that can help to date the Pharaonic reigns, contains independent evidence that the Israelites were actually in the land of Canaan between 1500 and 1050 BC.

Stelde talks about a campaign in which the king of Ancient Egypt, Merneptah, dug on the fifth anniversary of his reign, and Merneptah defeated the Israelites.

(19459014) Odysseia Episode may be referring to the solar eclipse of the 1st Millennium BC )

Historians have tried to use this stele and the works contained in the Joshua Book to date possible hermits, but only to see that the Moon is fully enclosed by the sun completely covering the face of the Sun,

The efforts of the

The oldest eclipse recorded was a lunar eclipse. In this eclipse, when the Moon passes directly in front of the Sun, the appearance of a circle of fire occurs because the Sun completely discovers the face that appears as a disk. In the ancient world, both solar eclipse and lunar eclipse were expressed in the same way.

The researchers calculated that the only lunar eclipse that may have appeared between 1500 and 1050 occurred on October 30, 1207 BC

If the calculations are true, this eclipse will be the oldest known eclipse ever recorded. This, in turn, It is also thought that Ramses and his son Merneptah will enable them to date their reigns. The Egyptian scholars had pointed out that it was quite difficult to pinpoint exactly when pharaohs ruled.

Humphreys "Solar eclipses were used as fixed points to date events in the ancient world"

According to the new research Merneptah's sultanate began in 1210 and 1209 BC, revealing that Ramses was ruled between 1276 and 1210 BC because he was known from the Egyptian texts for how long he was in power.

IB Times. October 30, 2017.


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