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Hello friends, I hope that you are well and that you had a pleasant weekend, and today I take you shopping with me for the inauguration of the new Printemps Nation! "Great store in the east of Paris to the neighborhood clientele, it is less touristy than the Printemps Haussmann and particularly suitable if you wanted to make your Christmas shopping a little more quiet;)

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<p> The store has been completely renovated and I was lucky enough to spend part of my Saturday discover the space and enjoy all the entertainment that was organized for the occasion for customers Spring: pop and waffle bar, selfie terminal, stand of Chanel makeup, engraving on perfume, coffee bar and demonstration of latte art etc … Everything was planned to celebrate the reopening of the store as it should be:) </p>
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Much of the ground floor is dedicated to beauty, including 'beautysta' space which highlights an evolutionary selection of trendy and accessible beauty products with all the latest beauty innovations unavoidable from all over the world.

We also find the 'Scent Room', an exclusive concept at Printemps, which presents the perfumes in an original way, from the most prestigious brands to the most confidential new talents. Ideal when looking to change the perfume and discover new scents!

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