The new decision in the "ape selfiesi" case


                                                                         maymun selfiesi



The nightmare of the photographer David Slater, who had just entered ape selfiesi in 2011 is not over yet.

According to a report by Digital Trends although PETA, an organization working for animal rights, and Slater reached an agreement last year, the US court reversed the copyright infringement case in favor of the monkey in the photo.


Even if both sides desire that the case be dropped contractually, it is known that in this type of legal situation,

New decision

In order to avoid such incidents in the future, the courts can decide to extend the relevant cases. The interesting case PETA opened Slater in 2015 included that the copyrights of the photo were given to the monkey Naruto in the photo. Despite the 2014 direction that the United States Copyright Office could not grant copyright to monkeys, the outrageous lawsuit brought a financial blow to Slater. In September 2017, it seems that both sides could not make any contribution to the conclusion of the case by both sides, that the decision of Slater to donate 25 per cent of all income from the photo to the various organizations working for monkey protection. The Decision is also among the explanations given by PETA to prevent it from manipulating legal regulations in a way that conforms to its own aims.





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