The Mush Project, creating an improvised healing field, comes with the second episode

       The Mush Project using instruments from around the world, such as gongs, herringbone bowls, aqua drums, metalafons, russian bells and tablets, creating an improvised healing field, Growth / The Growth will take place at The Seed on June 2, 2018 at 4:30 pm

This event is the second in a series of Four Seasons, All Senses, consisting of a total of 4 improvisation performansts. Activity;

If you have a dream, idea, relationship, ability that you want to enlarge and develop,

The Mush Project invites participants to a journey, creating an improvised field of healing using gongs, herringbone bowls, aqua drum, metalafon, russian bells, tabla and instruments from around the world and different art disciplines. This comes to the forefront as an experience where artists and participants volatilize themselves.

Each performance has a theme. Everyone who attends becomes a part of the theme as a whole. This activity does not require any prior knowledge. You are only asked to leave yourself to the theme.

  • Theme: Every congress has a separate story / story
  • Improvisation: The theme / story is told by improvised voices of different instruments.
  • Experience: This is an experience where participants leave their healing voices outside of known musical performances.
  • Call: The space created around the theme invites the participants to explore their own sounds, breathes and colors.


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