The most important question of the relationship: When did we come to this point?

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Each new relationship is a brand new beginning, a new step for us. It is unequivocally, hopeful, fed with hopes … Once the "new" has magnified beauty. We do not know how time passes and we can not even wait a minute. It's been this time. This time it will be very different from the others. This time we're in the right place for me. This time I will succeed …

Then time passes. Then the first kiss passes … Then for the first time the hand is in the ignition … Then the first time passes through sharing the deepest secrets. He also has the passion to become first friends. Then go to places side by side, share something, create memories enthusiasm passes … So "first" passes. The excitement of the first ones also passes … We are going back to two people. A man and a woman … They have consumed their firsts, relieved their excitement … Then they remain a shallow "moment". Here I want to take a closer look at what happens with you after this. What do the remaining men and women do when those oceans are settled when those firsts are completed? What do they do we turn around and find ourselves in the same place again. This time it seemed like "others". The excitement is over. It's over. Love is over. "

" Love is over … I'm overwhelmed, overwhelmed, struggling with conflicts and struggles … I am constrained, suppressed and understood … Yes, here is one more time we find ourselves asking "

 The most important question about relations: When did we come to this point? "Width =" 728 "height =" 410 "/> </p>
<p> I do not know why this question is quite a "heavy" question for me. In general, we will avoid this question, we will avoid the answers will scare us. Do I not like or do not like enough? Or is it "wrong" again? </em> <em> Why did it happen, I did not do anything I always did not understand me, and we have already entered into this return … </em> </p>
<p> In the past few weeks I was asking for a dear reader in a message I received from you: "<em> Why do we go into these cycles? </em> "Now let us look more closely with you and let us ask these questions to ourselves. Why are we talking about these relationships that we are in ourselves as if someone else is alive? If a stream is arriving at this point, we need to first understand that we are one of the two most effective people in this relationship, one of the two leading role players, that allows us to "do not want it" or to accept that we are not able to accept it … So when we are evaluating our relationships, <em> How did I get to that point? </em> "</p>
<p>" </p>
<p> I think we should start with "ourselves"</p>
<p> After the first episodes, when the first excitement, the first emotion concentrate, the two actually meet each other's "real" states. This is the gate to the flow we call "loop". In fact, we make a very, very important choice, knowingly or unknowingly, as individuals … We can make a very, very important preference … as if this person is "as it is", when we feel our love in our own way, when love transcends that sensation, maybe when we are tired, maybe when we stop, maybe we do not care enough with us, even if we feel distant, can we accept it as "loving" and "most important"? Here is the most realistic question that we need to take into consideration when we take our hat … </p>
<p> If our answer is no, we quickly reach the point that we call that cycle in our relationship … We answered "No" but we continued "How can I possibly walk" … We tried to change the person on our side, to insert molds, "like we wanted …" <em> What happened , does not understand me </em> "When we complained, did not we say … Did we really understand that person? Can we accept his existence as it is? Can we let all the good things happen with good and evil, as if it were "in our lives"? Then again in our cycles we are fighting again, restlessness, no communication again, the same vicious moment … Is it possible to find a real criminal when we look at this picture? </p>
<p> <img class= You can draw your interest: The story of the magnet: it is yours to carry out the things you want


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