The most important question in minds: Can we lose weight by eating sweet or chocolate?


A dietary list of according to all of them the Mediterranean diet, the yoghurt diet, the pasta diet, the Karatay diet, the hip and basal diet, the calorie diets, the cellulite diets, the weakening diets, , exercises, benefits and losses . Whatever the name of the diet, diets are personality. One of the first things a dietician does is to make the diet program suitable for the patient in the light of information such as the age, gender, diet habits, lifestyle, genetic characteristics, weight of the person who wants to diet

After that, according to the reaction of the body of the person, the dietary lists will be updated by the dietician. However, one of the common features of these lists is that there is not a lot of sugar in it, such as sweet and chocolate. After all this, can anyone think of a question like this? Can not we lose weight by eating dessert or chocolate? Although no exact answer to this question can be found, the positive effects of attenuation on bitter chocolate and chocolate slim

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Does bitter chocolate weaken?

Bitter chocolate provides protection against cancer and heart diseases thanks to its iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc and copper minerals. Because of its polyphenol, it has antioxidant properties. Bitter chocolate has a higher cocoa content and lower sugar content compared to normal chocolate. In this respect, if the bitter chocolate is not consumed too much, it is seen that the dieters meet the need of chocolate with less calories and solve the chocolate crisis with less calories. It is also very beneficial for cardiovascular health. Thanks to the endorphin, the hormone of happiness, it enables the person to feel happy. It has positive effects on blood pressure and cholesterol thanks to its flavanol.

What is Chocolate slim?

Chocolate slimin contains green coffee and chia seeds, natural cocoa seeds, goji grape and acai wax. There is an intense natural cocoa in the product. It gives taste and flavor to the natural cocoa product. The same bitter secretes the hormone of happiness as it is in chocolate. Green coffee beans have an effect of cutting appetite. Goji grapes prevent the formation of new oils in the body and reduce the absorption of fat in the body. At this point the body stores less fat. Chia seeds provide the energy needed for the body and relieve the feeling of fatigue during the day.

For these reasons, consuming bitter chocolate or chocalate slim in the context of the advice of dietitians and those who enter the chocolate crises may be of relatively benefit. You can also work with a professional nutrition and dietitian to learn about ways to lose weight fast .