The Last Example of Archeology Ignorance: Live Treasures in Live Publishing


We have had the illusion of watching the media on the TV channel Habertürk, which shows the ignorance of archeology and is far from the vision and responsibility that must be possessed when presenting collective news and information.

This ignorance has begun to go out on the earth so that my writings will almost become a serial.

In an interview with a so-called educated server named Oylum Talu, he was presented with a jailbird who was selling detectors in search of advertisements laced as treasure and sign specialist.

(19459010) The Media's Archeology Ignorance and Blessed Treasure Hunt

Not yet tried to attract attention by advertising in social media accounts. In this case, the Association of Archaeologists quickly began to react in social media. In a short time, both academicians and archaeologists began to voice their voices of cultural heritage consciousness. While this is promising, there is no indication that a national television channel would allow such a nonsense.

Promoting destruction of cultural heritage with detector advertisement in live broadcast

I think the most crucial fool of the program is here. It's very clear that this guy has been advertising for advertising using personal relationships. In the history of the Republic of Turkey is the first time something like this happens, I guess. While the Ministry of Culture is trying to bring back works that the treasure hijacked abroad, it can not be explained in any way how to make a publication that can be encouraged to find new works on a television channel and eventually to be abducted in ways that are illegal.

Republic of Turkey is not a country, using the detectors will search for amateur work. The wealthiest country in the archaeological history of the world can not be withdrawn by being left to ignorant charlatans. This should be taken immediately.

Cinler, talismans and idiots whom Ibn Khaldun described 600 years ago

The use of the detector says that one of the greatest troubles in defining "our expert" beside the advertisement is magic and talisman, and it starts to bullshit. In fact, this emphasis is very important because the culture in society is the manifestation of the ignorance of the past.

( The Archeology Ignorance of the Media Shoots on the Roundabout )

Until today, there has been no mobilization of cultural heritage in this country except for the first years of the Republic. Those who want to return to the corner of the economic narrow strait, who do not know entrepreneurship, and who have recently taken their money to the Farm Bank, listened to these amulets and gin stories with great appetite. This is exactly what our allame-i world is talking to or talking to this mass. It is very painful that Ibni Khaldun, one of the most important scientists raised by the East, described this century-old ignorance behind the time 600 years ago,


" It must be known that many of the weakest (retarded) people in cities are working with ambition to produce goods and money under the land, wanting to own the gain (and fortune) (Ibni Haldun, Mukaddime) [Ibrahim Haldun, Mukaddime] is a belief that all of them are sealed with magic talisman, that they are sealed with magic talisman and that they are aware of his knowledge and who is holding a celebration, prayer and sacrifice next to him to solve it.

These statements by Ibni Khaldun are the most plain and transcendental expression of the circular reality of the eastern societies who can not acquire the consciousness of cultural heritage. Today, the internet and the availability of such stack space age still in Turkey, the inability to educate the people and the country's provinces is the result of healthy social entellektüalit's never lack.

(19459018) Because of the rumor in the program, the Undersecretary did not drop Nif Mountain )

in every field gradually kalitesizleş which, detached from the world, can not detect the securities they have turned into a country situation in Turkey. We should all remember that Anatolia is a piece of land that we are our tenants. People lived here thousands of years ago, even hundreds of thousands of years ago. Everything they leave us is a sign of how precious we are in the land. This heritage can not be made a victim of meaningless deeds, such as having personal ambitions, without labor, without wealth, without producing. Turkey is the world's open air museum. If it is not accepted and preserved in this way, there will be no difference from any concrete batch in the world. Therefore, the absurdities exhibited in Habertürk should not be shown and should be taken into account.

( Broadcasting How to Call the Define on TV )


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