The interesting formula of remembering things you forget: camera sound

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Everyone has an interesting way to remember their memories, and they often work in interesting ways. For example, let's say: You used your hairpin and left the house. Along the way, your mind starts to turn around in your mind. " Did I pull the jacket from the socket? Yes, I did. I'm not sure, or am I not pulling? YES SHOOTING! "We ask ourselves questions and answer that with jet speed and we lie ourselves at the same speed. As such, we will take the necessary checks even if we do not return home.

 The interesting formula for remembering things you forgot: Camera voice "width =" 728 "height =" 410 "/> </p>
<p> Forgetfulness does not stop us, but everyone has solutions for them. This is the most interesting, but one of the influences is Michelle Woo's method. Having trouble with hair tongue, Woo has come up with such a forgetfulness by developing a method for him. The formula is quite interesting: the camera sound. </p>
<p> Michelle Woo explains the method as follows: "<em> When I take a photo to hear the 'click' sound of the camera, when I do not have a haircut. </em> "So if you set a tone after you've done something, and then you pull that voice back, it's much easier to remember what you were doing at that moment." </p>
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