The historical peninsula, is in fact the most places to visit in Istanbul are almost the majority. For this reason, it is very difficult to tell the places where the historical places of Istanbul and should be visited in Istanbul in a single article . He wants to treat all human beings separately, to go deep into all of them and to understand the essence. Because Istanbul has a wonderful history. In this article I wanted to briefly talk about the places of sightseeing in Istanbul the past of the Historical Peninsula, the transportation of Istanbul. Let 's all take a short ride on our historic streets together. 1. About Istanbul Historical Peninsula Historical peninsula of Istanbul, BC It was the center of the city of Istanbul, which was founded in 638. The city, which was first an Ancient Greek Colony; Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Of course, it is no coincidence that the most important empires that ruled over the centuries chose Istanbul as the capital. The fact that the Istanbul Historical Peninsula is surrounded by the Golden Horn, the Bosphorus and Marmara and the sea on three sides gives it a strategic importance as well as a unique beauty. Beside this Istanbul city: There are so many places to visit in Istanbul. is a bridge between the continents, making it a tiny model of Anatolia (Asia Minor) that has been the ninth of civilizations for centuries. On top of all these features, it is the only door opened to the open seas of the Black Sea; increasing its geopolitical significance. Of course these features did not escape the Byzantine, the Roman Emperor Constantine and the Ottoman Sultan Fatih Sultan Mehmet who built the city. If you want to look for the reasons why Istanbul has been given such great importance for centuries, in its history. If you are looking for cheap airfare, you should definitely take a look at the article.

2. History of the Historical Peninsula of Istanbul

Our story, BC. It starts in 638 in Greece's Corinthian Gulf. A King named Byzas decides to build a new colony with his people and goes to the temple in Apollo Temple to get his idea.

The priest counsels them to go to the East and settle against the Blind country.

Byzas and their staffs, who initially do not have a sense of prophecy, are fascinated by the magnificent scenery when they arrive at the Sarayburnu ridge where the Topkapi Palace is today.

What really surprises them, however, is the settlement of the Greek colony, which migrated before them, to Kadıköy on the Anatolian side.

"How do they not see this beauty and go to the opposite shore? They are blind spoken of by the priest, "they say, and they are building Byzantion against Khalkedon, the" Blind Land. "

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Istanbul Sultanahmet: a place that must be seen on the Historical Peninsula

Even the legend of the establishment is at the forefront of the unique position of the Istanbul Historical Peninsula.

About 1000 years after Byzas, M.S. In 330, this time the Roman Emperor Constantine took the same admiration and declared Byzantion the second capital of Rome. His name is Constantinople.

Constantinople, which became the capital of Eastern Rome (Byzantine) with the division of Rome into two as East and West, was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for nearly 1000 years, followed by Byzantium for about 1000 years

Istanbul, which I try to tell the story with its shortest story, is actually Istanbul Historical Peninsula.

While there was a limited settlement in the Galata region during the Byzantine period, the present Beyoglu region started to move in the name of "Pera" in the Ottoman period.

In short, the place known as Istanbul in history is actually the Historical Peninsula of Istanbul …


How to get to the historic peninsula

Where are the historical peninsula of Istanbul?

The Istanbul Historical Peninsula is located within the borders of today's Fatih Municipality. All of the local and foreign tourists who are interested in the history of Istanbul pass this way

The Historical Peninsula is quite busy with its old, narrow streets and vehicle traffic. If you consider that hundreds of streets are closed to traffic on the peninsula, I do not recommend you to come here by car.

The closer you get to Sultanahmet, the heart of the Historical Peninsula, the harder it becomes to move with the vehicle.

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