The Future of Internet and Television

As you read this article, you can question how the Internet and television can be a common history in the future. I mean to tell you. "If you have a common side in the past, it will be in the future."

The discovery of internet and television is not related to one, but the television invented before on the internet evolved almost by the invention of the internet

I would like to talk about the situation of the future internet and television instead of talking about this summer. Before that, let's talk about the short history of both. Television history began with the first image he received in the room of the miracle named Baird. The historical development of the Internet has begun to be used for the rapid transfer of information within the American defense network.

The common history of both technologies has intersected with the use of the Internet by the civilian population. Afterwards, this pair continued to develop by completing one. Let's explain this development in some way.

Broadcasting, television has reached important levels at the beginning of its development. So it was quite easy to present a piece of information to the user of the product. Visual publishing is almost in our pocket with the spread of the internet. Now with the widespread use of computers and the Internet, TV advertising has achieved almost one hundred percent of the right interaction.

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In the near future, the television has already connected to the internet network and has already interacted with the whole world. Users now look at whether they are online after the image quality when they want to buy a TV. Even we do not even pay more for this.

At longer walks, I think people can interact with the television through the internet. Especially people can use the voice communication to control the television. Their wishes can shift to practice on the program.

My biggest anticipation is that maybe it will be possible to shop directly from the TV screen in the future even if it is not very short time.

Finally, I held my own ideas and ideas for the future of the scientists. If you want to read more of these types of articles, you can follow the blog which shares information in the field of electronics and technology

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