The 'chicken turn' warning from the Turkish Veterinary Union

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Head of the Turkish Veterinary Union Central Council Observation, the chicken should be careful while consuming the döner, said: "I call my citizens; do not eat chicken loafs from places selling 10 liras. "

President of the Turkish Union Central Council of Veterinarians Talat Oversight, AA said in a statement to reporters, rearing of poultry in Turkey, that the problem in the sector and supervision, said that this product of processed foods into fetching various troubles have occurred.

Having said that the chicken should be cooked in an area with little contact with the chicken. The watch continued,

"The heat grade must be equal in the cooking process and the interior must be cooked as well as the outside of the chicken. There should be continuous hygienic gloves, bandanas at the head, rotary knives used during cutting, weighing scales, weights should be kept clean. Documents received from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock must be located in the revolving shop, as the licenses granted by the municipality are seen by the customers. "

Explaining that food poisonings are beginning to arise due to the fact that bacteria appear more rapidly in summer months, Gözet wants chicken turnover businesses to not play with the health of the people. "We also hear that the chickens that are about to end the consumption history in the chain markets and have been removed from the shelves are sold cheaply to such chicken doners. What conscience do you give to the citizen by taking the old 15 liras of chicken 5 liras? This kind of stuff happens in the stairwells. "

"Do not be your health"

The Watchtower, which is in the warnings of not consuming cheap returns, said:

"Do not eat the chicken turn 4-5 lira, do not consume it. Today the weight of the chest and buttocks of chicken 17-18 pounds. You will eat 100 grams of chicken doner. 200 grams of real chicken breast or butu used for 100 grams of chicken turns. This means 3-3.5 pounds. This is the bread, the tomato, the salad, which is served next to it. There are shop rent, labor cost, gas money, water money, telephone fee, cleaning money, business tax. It can not cost 7 to 8 liras. A meal costing 8 pounds can not sell you to 5 pounds. We hear that they are selling chicken liras to 4 liras in the neighborhoods of the school, in the neighborhoods of the work place, where the income level is low, and they also give the ayran free. I call my compatriots; do not eat from the places selling chicken turn 10 liras, do not eat your children, do not be from your health. "


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