The causes of the bad breath and ways of diminishing its effect

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10 Reasons 

<p class= The problem of bad breath that affects people of all ages can also arise due to a disease. For this reason, experts emphasize that mouth odor should not be viewed as a problem that affects only social life. Providing information about the subject Op. Dr. Ali Osman Aksoy listed the ways to reduce the cause and effect of bad breath.

Memorial Kayseri Hospital Ear, Nose and Throat Department, which indicates that 90% of the problem of oral odor is caused by otorhinolaryngologic diseases and oral and dental problems. Dr. Ali Osman Aksoy emphasized that this problem should be considered. While giving information about the causes and treatment of oral odor, Aksoy pointed out that there could be serious illnesses that could be caused by the problem


Oral smell is an important health problem that occurs for many reasons, from dietary habits to liver failure. 90% of the mouth odors are associated with organs related to the oral cavity. 50% of them are caused by the bacteria behind the language and language. People who have a rich eating habit of animal food are more likely to have bad breath. Because foods with high protein content are broken down by bacteria in the mouth, forming sulfur compounds. This causes the smell. However, when oral odor becomes chronic, it should be considered a symptom of an important disease.


1. Oral bacteria: Bacteria in the mouth disintegrate food residues, leading to the formation of sulfur compounds, thus causing odor.

2. Dental and gingival diseases: Gingival and dental diseases can be a source of oral odor

3. Drug use: Some medicines that cause mouth instability can lead to bad smell.

4. Nasal obstruction: There is a problem with mouth odor in people who can not breathe and whose breathing needs to be done by mouth. The smell is often seen in the mornings.

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<p> <strong> 5. Kidney and liver failure: </strong> Stomach ailments, diabetes, kidney failure, liver failure may also be sources of odor in some cases. </p>
<p> <strong> 6. Infections: </strong> Upper and lower respiratory tract infections are major causes of chronic tonsillitis and chronic sinusitis, especially in adults. </p>
<p> <strong> 7. Non-use: </strong> Persistent odor problems may also occur in people who smoke and do not pay attention to oral hygiene. </p>
<p> Oral smell is more common in men than in women. When the problem becomes particularly persistent, it can affect the person in a social and psychological sense, it can be abstracted from the society. For this reason, the cause of bad breath should be investigated without consideration and the necessary treatment should be applied. Taking some precautions against bad breath is important for oral hygiene. </p>
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The use of cinnamon and antiseptic mouthwashes after meals will reduce the effect of kokun.
The teeth should be brushed 3 times and the tongue should be cleaned to prevent bacteria from forming on the tongue surface.


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