The balance sheet is higher than expected; Mercedes will call back 774,000 vehicles

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This decision, which has recently come to the fore, confirms the allegations of the summons, which will affect Mercedes users in Europe.

We knew that recall allegations which Mercedes had left behind in the last days of may in May, will be followed by negotiations with official agencies. Similar to Volkswagen, after the popular VAN model Vito C and G models were involved, following the popular VAN model of the brand allegedly using a device deviating test results. Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche and Minister of Transport After the meeting of Andreas Scheuer the result became clearer. Mercedes' expectations for a European-based car are also expected to surpass by recalling 774,000 diesel cars . This decision, which was announced by the head of an official recall due to banned closure devices, will not include a hardware change.

Appeal step can be discarded

Dieter Zetsche, who described the government's approach as constructive following the completion of the bilateral talks, also said that the repairs would be made through software. The software that controls the engine and exhaust systems will be dealt with in this process, where the C-Class and GLC are included in the diesel versions of Euro 6 norms. At the beginning of the noteworthy point at this stage, the German government is not able to impose any financial sanctions. According to experts, Daimler could be saved with $ 120 million loss without recalling $ 4.4 billion instead of a loss like this. After all these details, comments coming from within the brand indicate that the decision can be carried on the appeal. We will all see together what roadmap Daimler is currently pursuing as a recall for Vito.



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