The action film that brought Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson together

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Galway Gadot is included in Red Notice film Dwayne Johnson has received $ 22 million to take on the lead role

Gal Gadot ready to be on the white screen with a film outside the DC Cinematic Universe after Wonder Woman, will face the cameras in Dwayne Johnson's new film. Deadline According to the special report, the star-studded action-comedy-focused robbery fimi Red Notice will begin shooting in April 2019 for Filmin filming. Filmin has a vision date of set to June 12, 2020 . The film is almost a year away from the start of shooting, and details of Johnson and Gadot's characters are unknown. Contrary to Johnson, who received $ 22 million to play in the film the proposal for Gadot is a mystery for now.


The first after Wonder Woman

Red Notice is the first movie to feature Gal Gadot as the lead role after Wonder Woman. The script for Red Notice, which is supposed to be a robbery movie, is a mystery for now. However, the film will be full of action, comedy elements will bring with it. It is also noted that Johnson and Gadot will be accompanied by another actor. Gadot's character is said to be a mysterious and brilliant person who takes a place in the art world.

Of course we will watch Gadot in Wonder Woman 2, which will be released on October 1, 2019. You can read new details about the film here .

You may withdraw interest

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