The 8 Highlights of the Istanbul Film Festival


This year 37th Istanbul Film Festival is hosting many national and international performances. This year, different local productions filled the eyes with different genres and subjects. The kidnappers at the festival can watch some of the films in Other Cinema and other movie theaters over the next few months. We listed 8 local productions that you should note, one of the festival's other local films and one step ahead in cinema language.

Note: Movie synopsis was compiled from various festival pages

1. Butterfly

Butterflies, one of the most talked-about domestic productions of the festival, made their world premiere in the Sundance Film Festival's "World Cinema Dramatic Film Competition". At the same festival, he returned to the cinematographer Tolga Karaçelik's cinematography, starring Filmin, who won the "Grand Jury Prize". Tolga Tekin, Bartu Küçükçağlayan and Tuğçe Altuğ. The topic of Filmin is as follows: The story of three brothers who were sent to their relatives after the suicide of their Annelines and who learned about the death of their father in the presence of their parents, who were invited to their village far away by their father, whom they were strangers about 20 years later.

2. Pigeon

In addition to being nominated for the Crystal Bear award at the Berlin Film Festival, the Pigeon, nominated as the best first film candidate in the entire festival, A story about a bird living in Adana tells the story of finding herself in the toughest reality of life. Banu Sıvacı, the first feature film director in filmography, won the "Best Director" award at the Sofia Film Festival with this film.

3. Salt Chest

Bugun Cevik's directorship, directed by Hasan Kaya, attracted attention with the motto "There is no male actor in this film". The topic of the world premiere in the Forum section, which brings together the productions of young filmmakers at the Berlin Film Festival, is briefly as follows: A cursed woman in her thirties, who has been in time, lives in a room resembling a cave. On rare occasions when he makes a scene, he chatts with a boatman who is haunted by demons. An old television worker, an abandoned botanical garden, a remote basement floor playing table tennis, twin brothers in various places in the city. The same dream is repeated over and over again in this journey of time, where space is unclear.

4. Put Shawls

Put Şeylere, who sat in the director's seat of Onur Ünlü, is about the strangeness of a group of artists living in the Cihangir district of Istanbul because of a camcorder that enters into the lives of already sufficiently complicated relationships. Onur Ünlü presents an experimental narrative by playing with time and space in the film, which is a good opportunity for somebody who is going to bring the last of whom

5. Table Secrets

The latest film by Ümit Ünal, with Demet Evgar and Alican Yücesoy in front of them, is briefly stated as follows: Neslihan dedicates his life to his husband and his family and attracts all the attention with the mysterious death of the people around them. Although it is understood that the handsome police turned things around, Neslihan managed to pull out by appearing to be extremely innocent, slightly cracked, as if he had hair from every murder.

6. Successor

The successor Murat Düzgünoğlu made his directorial debut with the Successor who claimed that Mahir, who came to Adana for Orange's harvest, was the reincarnation of an accidental bereaved man years ago. Murat Düzgünoğlu, who came up with the latest "Why I am not Tarkovski?", Will show up in the main part of the 40th International Moscow Film Festival after the 37th Istanbul Film Festival.

7. Road Bound

Tansu Bicer, Taner Birsel and Ercan Kesal, Tayfun Pirselimoğlu's latest film, Road Kenan, draws attention with cinematography. Andreas Ainanos has been working with Filmin on several films by Theo Angelopoulos. His story is briefly as follows: A town stuck between the stormy sea and lush forests is approaching with a scary mark of resurrection. Unsolved deaths and mysterious natural phenomena are the sign of the development of Dajjal. A young man comes to the town at the threshold of insanity and starts to work in the townsfolk. The nurse the young man holds is one day, he sees the smell on his back. The gossip spreads rapidly and the towns begin to believe that the young man is the Mahdi.

8. Colorless Dream

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