Taking away their grudge: Does Karman have a dynamism?


"Everything becomes what it deserves." Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi

I want to look at a topic that we all encountered from time to time with different eyes today with you. One of the questions I have been asking a lot of questions is, "" These come with questions, "Why did I come here, what did I do to deserve them, I did not do any harm to anyone, how did I deserve them?" Why did you leave me, Why do we always get the same type of people, Why did I get deceived, Why did I look worthless, Why did I get out of this business, Why did I lose my money " ]

Let us look at these questions in a slightly deeper way. Let us begin with a simpler question: Why are we in this world, why are we one, why are we living a life and why are we meeting people, ways, choices, preferences and events? It is quite difficult to give a simple answer to this, but we need to know that life is not a coincidence. We see this all around us. Today, I, you, you read this article and perhaps you have the wonderful fragrant pleasure of your cup of coffee and cold tea, as if the trees were blooming and the trees bloomed like blooming every other season … Yes, these are not a coincidence.

Well, let's try to make a little more sense. So what is the purpose of being here today? There are different religious approaches and philosophical ideas for this, but I want to give ourselves just an answer as simple as we would be frustrated among hani friends. First of all, we are our own life, that is, ourselves will learn … We learn from the moment we come to life. To learn our purpose, first of all, we encounter with those who aim at this aim in our lives. Then, in the bigger picture, we come to the way of learning.

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Let's continue with our simple questions and answers: What do you mean to learn and to learn? Learning to actually live our way of life, to be able to go further on ourselves, to be deeper, to be a higher version of ourselves. And, on the other hand, this is in fact related to how much we can help other people, even if we do not qualify as big or small. Just as a tree can bloom for bees even though it can not hear the smell of its own flowers, as if it were not eating its own food … We are helping the many different beings to reach their best versions while being aware of the fact that our lives are our way of doing it ourselves …

Now let me move on to the deeper and "simpler" questions: " Why do they come to our head? For example, why am I being banned and can someone else continue to live with a very good marriage? Why are some of us tested with diseases like cancer and others are not even sick for life? "These questions are dragging us into the gates of the concept of" karma. "Karma is a process that is fundamentally a process that is fundamentally a matter of being accepted Indian faith) can be summarized in the form of taking and giving in our lives. Every reaction to life, every time we do, every time we do, even even though we think there is an effect. This effect is transformed into what we see in the face of "reaction" in this magnificent phase …

We also contribute to the lives of others while we are performing ourselves according to the karma philosophy. I met with a couple who had a handicapped child (a very beautiful girl child) in a funeral I attended in the summer. The girls were so beautiful and they loved so much that there was no apology, lack or lack of anything on their perception … There were some lessons that this couple had to learn or perhaps some lessons to take. To learn to love unconditionally is a perception that does not make sense, but to love a child, a person, a soul … And to be lucky enough to come to the world in such a family for that beautiful girlfriend … I am the person who will teach them this lesson

To be in a place much better than the world with such a lofty self (I do not think that any of us who are wise will understand ourselves with what we think is "mind") …

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<p> When we look at the eyes of Karman, we have to look at the questions we ask ourselves, the things we see as punishment in our lives, the people who reach us in our lives, the greater experience we have encountered in our lives and all the experiences we are blessed with. <strong> <em> <em> How to interpret mixed dynamics with the Absolute Power Line </em> </strong>: </p>
<p> <strong> <em> "… The cause and effect relationship in the context of physical objects and events reflects a dynamic not limited to physical reality. This is 'karma'. Everything, including ourselves in the physical world, is a small part of a much broader dynamics than the five – sensible man can perceive. For example, love, fear, compassion, and anger we experience are only a small part of love, fear, compassion, and anger in a much wider energy system. </em> </strong> </p>
<p> <strong> <strong> <em> Mixed dynamism is reflected in the third law of motion to physical reality: 'Every effect has an equal and opposite reaction to it.' In other words, a large mixed law governing the equilibrium of the energy in our evolutionary system, the three prin- ciples that govern the balance of energy are reflected in the field of physical objects and phenomena by the latter of the three laws of motion. </em> </strong> </p>
<p> <strong> <em> Mixed law is an impersonal energy dynamism. When the results are personalized, that is, when the person is experienced from the point of view, the flow of intent is reversible, that is, the flow of intention back to the owner. Love is seen by others, love from others, and so on. The Golden Rule ("Everyone is good" rule) is a guide to behavior based on the calm of the karma. </em> '<em> Whatever you give to the world, you will take it from the world.' </em> '"</strong> </p>
<p> Today, if you are reading this article, I would like you to look into the whole world with a much greater understanding of all the things you do not find "fair" in your life. Are you really lost? Are you really the ones that you think are my reasons for coming? Your life-giving lessons are your gifts to guide you to your better version … </p>
<p> <strong> Are you ready to buy these gifts today? So what do you give to the world? What is the purpose of your existence? </strong> </p>
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Are we to listen to the voice of our heart when choosing our own way?