Synthesizer with a retro design from Moog: Grandmother






If you are a music lover, we would like to share a story that will interest you. The Moog named company introduced a synthesizer (synthesizer) that draws attention with its retro design. We recently shared the device after the Synthesizer of IK Multimedia the device is called Grandmother.

Moog's mother-32 can connect to other audio devices, can work without the need for any patches. However, you can skip internal connections with your own patch cables, expanding the audio rendering capabilities of each module. The device also features a 1/4 inch jack to connect guitars or drums. The design of the grandmother's circuits is inspired by the classic Moog Modular Synthesizer, designed by Bob Moog of the 60's and 70's. The Grandmother features a classic four-pole ladder filter, a 1-pole high pass filter, an analog ASDR envelope generator, LFO and MIDI input / output / features. Let's just say that Moog is not the only synthesizer that reproduces classic equipment. The Korg company has a similar design but has offered devices with different sound and price points for sale.


The development of music enthusiasts will love

The overseas sales price of the synthesizer bearing Moog's signature will be $ 899 .

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