Sustainable Brands Countdown to 2018: Green leaders

Countdown to Sustainable Brands 2018 Istanbul, the meeting of the Global Sustainable Brands network in Istanbul, has begun.


The Sustainable Brands-Sustainable Markets network brings together all the sectors that are touched by the theme of 'Redefining Good Life' this year as part of the global dialogue that has been launched worldwide as the world's largest global branding network.


Companies participating in the conference at Fairmont Quasar Istanbul on April 18-19 will witness how changing consumer demands around the world have led the 21st Century economy.


Innovative brands, business leaders, brand leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and opinion leaders will share their experiences this year, as they do every year, to produce innovative ideas and engage in exciting collaborations

Attendees are also attracting attention this year


One of the key speakers of the conference, under the direction of Thomas Kolster, the unchanging moderator of Sustainable Brands, who has been shown as one of the 10 most influential names in sustainability communication in the world, Vincent Avanzi, creator of the concept of 'Corporate Poetry' and developer of the philosophy of poetic humanism


Arthur Woods, an indispensable name for world brands who wanted to recognize a new generation who wanted to find meaning at work, was selected by one of the world's 30 most successful 30 Social Entrepreneurs under 30 years of age; 'Turkey' creative consultant of the brand, known for its creative theory of memorization disrupts communicator Benbun Jacob; he will have the chance to listen to the eclectic entrepreneur, legendary advertiser, comedy writer Paul Twivy, who has been the consultant of the last three British Prime Ministers.


Among prominent speakers at the conference in Turkey that signed in 2015 and considered one smart clothing first prototype alter function according to changes in air conditioning 'Smart Jacket' with industry Kaprol Desire replaces the fashion designer among the pioneers; There is a futurist, economist and civil society volunteer Ufuk Tarhan who is known for his work on futurism, his business models and practices he has designed for a sustainable future


speakers participating from Turkey but also between the Konda research and general manager of the authority Bakr came to mind first is heavy; Murat Yeşildere, Managing Partner of Egon Zehnder who is working on the activation and development of the leadership; Semih Yalman, the founding strategist and lecturer of Dreamstalk, who encourages people to dream, and journalist and television producer Aslı Şafak.


Good Life Workshops will be held


Sustainable Brands will be the scene of major innovations this year in 2018; presentations of brands working for good living in their areas of experience and Good Life Infocus – Good Life Workshops will stand out.

 Good Chemistry ',' Good Retail ',' Good Apperal 'and' Good Homes' workshops aimed at exploring innovative ideas and communication models in order to increase the contribution of sectors to 'Good Life'.

the reports to be prepared will also be shared in the conference.


Studies for 'Good Life Survey' and 'Good Life Index' started


Konferansta will also share with the public the results of the "Good Life Survey 2018" consumer survey, which was made with the contributions of Sustainable Markets Istanbul and Nielsen. It is planned to be repeated every year to make an index on how the consumer defines 'Good life'.


For detailed information and program; You can visit

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