Surprise character in the first photos of Wonder Woman 2

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Wonder Woman 2 one of DC's most wondrous jobs, continues to come into the picture with new developments. The first images from the film starring Gal Gadot were shared. At the same time the filmin name became clearer.

We know from details previously shared that we will see Diana Prince in the 80s during the Cold War. We even guess that he will play a big role in ending this historic process. But with the new information shared, it became clear to which age the story would pass. Wonder Woman 1984 The name draws attention to the fact that she gives information directly to the year. Besides, the photos that are shared from the film are very interesting. Diana Prince shows up in front of color televisions. The real surprise is Steve Trevor who we thought he died in the first movie. Chris Pine seems to be coming back to life with this character. The fact that the character never ages gives it a chance to be a dream or a dream.


In addition to Gal Gadot in the exciting film Kristen Wiig. Pedro Pascal and Chris Pine will play. Lynda Carter who gave the original Wonder Woman life, is expected to face a minor scene

Wonder Woman, whose filming is continuing, is expected to appear in the audience on November 1, 2019 in 1984 . You can find photos shared in the movie at the gallery at the entrance of our news.

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