Summary of over a hundred personal development books: 5 basic teachings


Psychological support, self-help, personal development … These are the most popular books in recent years, books that are consumed just like water. We are in a race to be happier, peaceful, healthy, in short, to be generally "better". Of course it is natural to aim to become the best version we can be, but can we be hurting the way when we look for it? In other words, are we really able to put personal development books into practice when they consume five to ten?

Susie Moore admits that it is a kind of addiction and says that she recites more than five hundred books, and that all of the major recommendations have been repeated. Moore has come up with five basic teachings that are extremely simple but self-evident:

Be yourself.

Susie Moore says that a monk who finds a chance to meet somewhere in the world " suggests that by meditating for 20 years, we can only reach ourselves, our true inner self" . We are living in the flow of life in order to find ourselves in the world, keeping up with our surroundings. It sounds like a weakness for a high school student to start cigarette smoking in order to adapt to his friends, but we also give most of the decisions we make as adults, by looking at them.

The independent thinking habit of "what my grandmother says" is not easy, but the first step to change.

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You do not have to prove anything to others.

If you think that your value is what you have, what salary you get, or the car that the company gives you, the woman or man you are attracting, then you are in for a big mistake. You do not have to be happy with everyone, like everyone else, everyone is happy and happy. Leave it, pass it.

You can not change anyone unless you want them to.

Few people think that they are wrong in their choices. It is wrong to think that people do not change, but change is not easy. People can only change if they think they need to change, or at least they will be open. Otherwise, no matter how hard you try, you can not control them. The teaching is: Do not overwork.

99% of your boundaries are in your own mind.

99% of the things we can not make, which we think we can not succeed, are limitations we create for ourselves. The reason we can not do it is largely because it does not belong to the outside world, but it is internal causes such as fear of failure or infamy, anxiety, anxiety, panic.

Do not get too serious about yourself.

Keep in mind, especially if you make a mistake, forget something, and feel yourself to be very unsuccessful: you do not save the world.

You can withdraw interest: Everything has the right time: the right stories from the experience of the wrongs

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