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<p> <strong> Spring is true, with a straw hat, sun and flowers are you ready?! </strong> </p>
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I must admit that this photo series is from Friday, April 6th. I remember it well because it was a particularly sunny day where we had more than 20 ° C on Bordeaux. A miracle among the weeks of rain that has been going on since the arrival of spring on the official date of March 20th. Adrien and I were so happy that day to see a little blue sky that we spun out of the city to shoot in a beautiful rapeseed field immortalize my outfit and fly the drone!

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<p> I was a little slow to share this series of photos because after this famous <strong> miraculous blue day </strong>we chained rain and greyness and clearly, it would have been too hard emotionally, for you as for me. So I was waiting for the perfect timing and we are there since the days that follow are really springy! Without further ado, here is my look: </p>
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◆ Hat of straw?




I was speaking in my haul spring video jeans of the range Boden Petite here is another one with its embroidery flowers on the sides! Girls less than 1m60 like me, if you are looking for pants cut perfectly for our small size, I can only recommend this brand that offers beautiful models of good quality. I really like the brands that make the effort to offer different options depending on the morphology. For example for my jeans the sizes range from 34 to 50 with the possibility to choose between 3 lengths of jeans to satisfy small as well as large.

To finish on a sunny note, a few words on my straw hat, a memory treasured report of Mauritius ! I can not tell you the brand so to make me forgive, I offer a selection of straw hats at low prices, all more beautiful than each other. I have a big fondness for the " Relax " and the one with a beige knot … Me who is not usually very hat, I feel that I can surprise myself to love them from time to time.




A word for all those who received my 2nd newsletter of the month this morning, I hope you enjoyed it! It's already been three months since I send newsletters bi-monthly and it's a treat to prepare them. I would just like to be a little mouse to see your smiles at the opening! For those who are not yet registered, it is by ICI .

Have a nice Sunday,
xx Chloé

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