Stan Lee's message to Thanos after the Avengers Infinity War [Video]

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                                             Avengers Infinity War



Marvel One of the most anticipated works Avengers Infinity War was able to surprise everybody with his final scene and to speak for a long time. Stanley which since then has kept silent, shared a message addressing Thanos via his social media accounts .

As you know, the Avengers finally reached Thanos for the Infinity War. All changed the way the Infinite Stones seized and wanted reality. Half of the living creatures died or were killed in a different way. Of course, Stanley who was the creator of all these characters did not remain silent. The Spoiler shared a 35-second video over his Twitter account with the end of the period of care not to give.

"Oh no. I'm going out of town for a few days. When I come back, I learn that Thanos has destroyed everything, all the characters I created. After that I will not be fooled by discounted rates. Unfortunately, all of this means extra work for me. Do not worry, we've revived our heroes until you open your eyes and close it. If I were Thanos, I've already started to run away. "


Stan Lee Avengers 4 seems to be pointing to their future and the head of the giant titan. You can find this brief but delightful video right now at the entrance of our news.




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