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In the past, Sunday was the Western belt in TRT. Would you pass with excitement? I would personally pass. Western is a very nice kind to me. Storytelling, music, shooting plans and framing really make you think you're watching a classic. Of course, western animations can come into conflict as the species are starting to interfere. Spell of the West is also a western animation and calls us dusty worlds.

Stressed Birds and Lurid Worms

Animation of Sam Lane reading in the third grade of Spell of the West. Sam is studying experimental animation at the California Institute of the Arts. The artist also notes that it is a cool pilot story he wants to publish in the future at Vimeo. Our main character is a female Musketeer. Our character encounters the animals in the garbage.

A wacky worm, other characters we encounter strangely pitted birds.

Animals want our main character to stop Ax-Man from being a Musketeer. This wild man with an ax in his hand is terrified at the region. If it's an animation series, it's like a zero-thriller story. In the 7 minute animation we know little characters. We see the place.

His drawings are very nice Spell of the West. The backgrounds are also noteworthy for watching, drawing shapes according to the actions of the characters. The voices can be corrected a little more, but are not there any pilot parts for that?

Experimental animation of the artist is especially evident in the movements of the bird character. The style of visual effects that move around is very nice. Of course, Sam Lane did not do Spell of the West alone. In the DJ Geeta music, Jonni Phillips screenplay, Mathieu Libma in the storytelling, Pixote Hunt helped the young artist in coloring.

You can follow the artist's work from page Vimeo and Instagram

Visual: Vimeo

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