Special video from FLO to Babes Day

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FLO's commercial film for Father's Day begins to be broadcast on digital channels. The phenomenon is about a father and the film tells a humorous dille that they are on the way to becoming a YouTube.

In this era when digitalization is in every sense, parents as well as children are very active on social media platforms.

In the videos of "Fenomen Baba", the father figurine which makes content in different fields is a humorous and funny dill Youtuber is a young man who is interested in energies and experiences of young people and trying to be active in fields where his children are interested. effort. Fenomen Baba Mehmet, who describes the latest trends in a humorous way, opens the FLO gifts he has received for his children on Father's Day with the "gifts that come to me" sci-fi in the last scene of the filmmaking, namely "box opening" with his current name. Fenomen Baba, who opens the shoe boxes one by one, emphasizes that the FLO is classic, stylish, sports and shoes that can be used at any time of the day.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7g4fVbWrHq0

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