Special perfume selection for wedding day

When choosing perfume for your wedding day, you should consider your invitation concept and season. In this special and unforgettable day, you will have plenty of photos, lots of people, kisses and side by side. For this reason, you should smell nice and special. How do you choose your wedding perfume? As the team of "High Heels", we give you the tricks of selecting perfume for your wedding

You will be a winter bride, you should choose woody and spicy smells instead of fresh and floral odors. If you come in summer, floral, fresh scents will look good on you.
Your personality as well as the season and wedding concept play an important role in the selection of perfume. Perfume experts suggest that; If you have an outward-looking personality, you should choose clean smells of lively smells, a calm bride.

Get out on your own, or with people you trust, to perfume exchange, pleasure. Different ideas can lead to confusion in your head. Leave your friends who you do not trust with pleasure this time out

Essential oils in some fragrances are more complex. It has a more lasting effect on the count. If you want to smell perfume all night " intense" you should prefer perfumes.

You can choose your wedding perfume to match your bridal flower. If you are carrying a bouquet of white flowers such as jasmine and lily, using rose scent may not be very convenient.

If you want a unique scent for your special occasion, you may have to spend a little. It is possible to create a unique and original scent using different scents. However, you will prefer this, be careful to use up to 4 different odors.

If you have chosen a perfume that you have never tried before, you should be familiar with the scent. You should use the perfume a few times before you knot it. During the wedding, you do not want your perfume to bother you, do you?

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