Some symptoms may be a symptom of cancer Caution!


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<p class= Most people do not care for cancer until it happens to itself or to a close relative. You should be aware of this unexpected statement in your body. Here are some striking statements of cancer.

Neck and face swelling

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Lung cancer can cause swelling in the upper part of the face, neck, arms and chest. This tumor prints the dent going to the heart from the beginning.

Bone pain

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<p> Bone pain ranging from mild to severe pain is a common complaint of bone cancer patients. Cancer will grow in your complaints as it grows, and it will probably prevent your common movements such as walking or lifting. </p>
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Sensitivity loss

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<p> When combined with other side effects such as bloating, abdominal pain, eating difficulties, or excessive fatigue, it is absolutely necessary to consult a specialist. Most of these symptoms can be confused with the menstrual cycle, but these may also be common symptoms of ovarian cancer. </p>
<p> <strong> Persistent cough </strong> </p><div class=
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<p> Not only a permanent cough, but coughing together with fatigue can pose a serious risk to your health. If you continue to cough for months, be sure to see a doctor because it may be a sign of lung cancer. </p>
<p> <strong> Weight loss </strong> </p>
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When you eat, it can be a symptom of esophagal cancer and you should always ask your doctor for a double scan


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<p> One of the first signs that lung cancer patients remember is that they do not catch their breath or whistle when they breathe. Thyroid cancer can cause sore throat or respiratory problems. </p>
<p> <strong> Painful periods </strong> </p>
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Swallowing or eating difficulty is usually associated with throat cancer. However, it may also be one of the first manifestations of lung cancer. A muffled sound or strong pressure in the throat may also be an early indicator of thyroid cancer.