Some of us grow colorful flowers in our gardens, on our balcony or in front of our windows. You can also add color, flavor and aesthetics to your dishes using these flowers at the same time in your kitchen. We have compiled 11 newborn flowers that you can use whenever you want and at the same time make your living space beautiful.   CLICK HERE: Balcony horticulture for beginners   # 1 Violet and hercules violet   Turkey's grown in almost every region of the leaves of these fragrant flowers the taste of nectarines, the stems are reminiscent of watercress herb. Violet leaves can be consumed raw, sweetened and piled with vegetables and fruit cucumbers. If you are in a frying pan (4-5 flowers) pilaves give a great taste and smell. Dilerseniz rice can be removed after the rice is planted. In addition to this, you can also create an aromatic vinegar by throwing violet leaves into the vinegar.   # 2 Karahindiba   Dandelion is a locust that grows spontaneously in the countryside and can be eaten and cooked. It is possible to find this plant all over Istanbul. The dandelion, which is from medicinal herbs, can grow everywhere. Especially the green parts of this flower are antioxidant and mineral deposits. The taste is slightly bitter, but you can press it with sauce and add salads. You can bake your leaves lightly first and then make olive oil salad. You can make use of jam from the flower. Dandelion roots can be cooked and smoked by drying and grinding.   # 3 Leylak  

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