We write this post as if we read the page of TCDD and find out that the information is insufficient, then we can not get a proper answer from the million phones that we have opened to TCDD. Everything you need to know about the Sofia Express is here. Oh be!

First of all it is useful to say that the former Bosporus Express train line is now Sofia Express . This is one of the issues confusing when investigating the Sofia Express.

Sofia Express is Turkey's train line to Europe. Every day from Halkalı Station in Istanbul leaves at 22.40 and stops at 10 stops arriving at Sofia at 08.43 the following morning . The return train also departs from Sofia in Sofia at 21.00 and you arrive in Halkali in the morning 06.49 . So you are going to travel in two directions with the night train without losing the day. You do not have any road fatigue as you go sleeping on the trendy bed. So you are profitable both from time, from hotel money, and from airplane money.

Another confusion related to the connection of the Sofia train to Bucharest and Belgrade . The introduction of the Sofia train was made in Halkalı- Sofia- Belgrade and Halkalı- Sofia- Bucharest. However, after a few attempts, the connection to Belgrade was abolished without much attention. Bucharest continued throughout the summer of 2017, when the season was over. Whether they are going to put up this campaign again in the summer of 2018 is not clear yet. You can find the stops and times of the Bucharest connection which continues throughout the post of 2017, but there is a bit of a joke situation as you see it, so you still have to confirm it from the TCDD head office

To whom do we recommend the Sofia train

The Sofia railway hotel offers you the opportunity to make airplane costs and time economy, but if you are thinking of trying this train, we recommend that you consider the train not as a means of transportation but as the experience to be experienced.

If you see yourself as something like the hazelnut in your shell, watching the changing face of your cabin, sleeping with the lane of the train going to the shingles, blending with your lover, or boiling with your friends.

But as a transportation method, he is a little bit more involved than a plane. It takes 10 hours to travel in 1 hour and 10 minutes by plane and border crossing operations can push the people a bit. But, of course, it costs less than the plane. We will also explain the ticket prices soon.

Some handicaps of Sofia Ekpresi:

– Failure to receive tickets via the Internet. You need to pick up the international ticket ticket (there is a Sirkeci). TL You may need TL or Euro when you buy tickets from Istanbul, and you need to pay with Leva when you buy from Sofia.

– It is a bit rusty to come to Istanbul from outside the city to get on the train. Namely; There are many high-speed trains to Istanbul, but trains coming from Anatolia reach Pendik, so accessing the Halkalı on the European side is a death. To avoid a train in a traffic-like place like Istanbul, leave a time of 3 hours in between. QUICK TRAIN Click here to find out where, price, and price information is available. If you reach Sirkeci Garı, there is a service to Halkalı Garisi at 21.30

– You have to be your Bulgarian or Schengen Vizen. You can click to learn how to get SCHENGEN VISA .

– Border crossing is taking too long. This means that there is always a delay.

– Trende, unfortunately there is no food wagon, it is not possible to find food if you are hungry, so you should definitely go prepared. Sometimes the conductor can sell tea and coffee, but you can not always come across it. Be prepared for your water.

– Finding the relevant page on TCDD's website is a nightmare. If you are looking for an international train, you are constantly looking for a place and you can not reach the place where you can get information without looking for 3-5 places. For now you can find all the current information link here. 03123090515 If you call here and dial 71821 as an extension number, Mustafa Bey gives you detailed information.
If you do not find enough information here,


Photo: Flickr / Adil Ekin

Sofia Express Stops and Clocks

On some sites you can see a few different train numbers for this line, do not confuse this head. Even without you knowing, the locomotive in front is changing. There are many stops between Istanbul and Sofia but none of them need to be up and down to change trains.

Istanbul – Sofia Train

Istanbul – Sofia Train [

Ring 22:40
Cerkezkoy 00:14
Alpullu 01:35
Edirne 02:21
Kapıkule 02:37 03:20
Svilengrad 03:37 04:22
Dimitrovgrad 05:09
Plovdiv 06:05
Pazarcık 06:48
Sofia 08:43

Sofia – İstanbul Treni

Sofia 21:00
Pazarcık 22:50
Plovdiv 23:20
Dimitrovgrad 02:21
Svilengrad 00:01 00:16
Svilengrad 01:00 01:45
Kapıkule 02:00 02:52
Edirne 03:09
Alpullu 03:59
Cerkezkoy 05:17
Ring 06:49

This is an example of a bed. It is not as wide as you see inside. Our friend thanks a lot to Ceyda Uskan for the photo

Wagon Ties

Barred – There are cabins of 4 or 6 people, you can buy tickets if you want. The seats are opened to make a bunk bed. The cabins for 6 people belong to the Bulgarian Railways and those who have 4 people belong to the TCDD. The situation for those with 6 people is not very lukewarm, compared to the older and more uncomfortable 4 people. That's why we recommend 4 persons.
With bed – private cabin for 2 people. There are 2 seats with bunk beds, fridge, hanger, sink, mirror, power socket, slippers, towels, small table. As a single person you can keep this cab by making a difference.

No special wc. Everyone is using the common toilet in their wagon.


In general, the comfort order for us is as follows:
If you are only one or two people So you stay in your own cabin. If you have the opportunity to take all the beds in the most elegant chic bunkers and go for a large expanse because there is a larger living space on the bunches. But this means getting tickets for 4 people.
If you are 3 or 4 people If you are a person, take all the seats for 4 persons and close all of the bedspreads to yourself. You can buy your 4th child cheaply at the child's rate. The shuttle trim is very important for your comfort, otherwise you can take a stranger you will not want to party with at the 4th floor and you will be condemned for 10 hours each other. Do not worry about the temperature
Do not worry about the temperature . The train is warming up well.
Do not worry about tiredness .
There is an electric socket in bed and a baggy bed.

If you are in bed or in a bed, you are more vigorous than your flight.

Ticket Prices & Transactions

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