Snapdragon 845 can capture "4K HDR" video; What devices can display videos?


                                                                         Snapdragon 845



The new generation mobile processor introduces Snapdragon 845 Qualcomm reminds us that video streaming has made a significant increase and 4K HDR ] started the video revolution. Peki What devices will show 4K HDR videos? The answer is now a bit mixed, unfortunately.

Before the imaging devices we have to detail this remarkable feature of Snapdragon 845 . Qualcomm's new mobile processor is now rolling out at 4K resolution HDR (High Dynamic Range) videos. But the event does not just end with resolution. The Snapdragon 845 can record in the color space Rec 2020 instead of Rec 709 unlike Snapdragon 835 . That is, the CPU, which has a color depth of more than 70% 70% ahead of it, increases the color depth to the level of 10 bits and the brightness to the full brightness of 10 thousand nit . With this combination, the actual HDR processor, which can create videos, seems to make the new flagships unique in video. As for the devices that will display these great videos, everyone actually has some question marks. The bad side is that there is no single standard for the subject.

 Snapdragon 845 "width =" 660 "height =" 371

There are two different certificates in the industry, Ultra HD Premium and Mobile HDR Premium created by the UHD Alliance . But when they look at the technical details, they can not create a single technical infrastructure. As mentioned, both certificates are not exactly able to meet the color display of Snapdragon 845 phones. Another standard HDR 10 draws an incision on 10-bit color with REC 2020, but it also disables resolution. Naturally, it does not seem reasonable to go under 4K resolution. In addition, technology companies are not doing well on expressing technical details.

 Snapdragon 845 "width =" 660 "height =" 371

Snapdragon 845 launches a new era but …

When viewed, people remain on their own in order to take full advantage of this new generation visual experience. While it does not seem very logical for this end user, there is absolutely a need to create a new standard in the new year. If this is not done, people will not be watching these great images in full, which will make the serious increase unnecessary. The worse thing than not being the standard is that Qualcomm does not give clear information. The company, which finds it confusing in these matters, seems to have to take a step for it . .





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