Significant success from the Bell V-280 Valor of your future aircraft [Video]



The Bell V-280 Valor which brought together the helicopter and aircraft infrastructure recently signed a major flight

The Bell V-280 Valor which can combine the helicopter comfort with the speed of the aircraft thanks to the rotor swivel system, was launched and excited for the first time in the past year. A short time ago, the first normal flight was carried out by air for the future . Valor which ran at 352 km / h in an attempt on May 11 in Texas, proved to be true in this case. Having turned its propellers forward, this is the first car to reach such a high pace, and its structure is of utmost importance. Valor developed by Lockheed Martin, GE, Moog, IAI, TRU Simulation & Training, Astronics, Eaton, GKN Aerospace, Lord, Meggitt, and Spirit AeroSystems. Boeing V-22 Osprey has great advantages against. The aircraft, which is not as big as it, can be produced much more light simple and . Despite its special design, the car is kept under weight control despite its internal armor, which can carry a total of 5,400 kilograms of cargo with 14 passengers. In the coming period, the air vehicle of the future, which is said to be able to accelerate from 352 km / h to 502 km / h, has a total of 1,481 km of range


Bell V-280 Valor is a key aircraft for military superiority

Valor which can lift the weak sides of planes with a helicopter, can pass through the testing process very quickly. The vehicle, which has not been around for many years now, reveals what they can do for the following video.





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