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Fish in aquariums in homes or at work; it will show itself as an effective option both in terms of peacefulness and a pleasant image. the colorful structure of fish and their movement on the water; the preferences in this area will often see acceptance as it manifests itself as a phenomenon that drifts into different emotions. That is why people will carry out an operation based on feeding fish in their homes; they will also move in such a way as to carry out the process of feeding the fish in different species. In this way, it will catch the desired ambience; they will have an atmosphere of peaceful minutes to live in.

The fish feeding process has to be applied from time to time during the water change process. There are also some things that people who feed only fish should pay attention to. It should also be noted that the water that is transferred to the aquarium during the water exchange is warm. Otherwise, the fish will experience stunning and stunning due to sudden temperature changes; they will take part in a short-term shock. It is also the case that this situation is accepted as a factor that will cause it to occasionally lie or even die. if the water is not given enough water in this area and the water is not refreshed, such problems will also result.



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