Should we love or not? Return of the key parts of the 90's


If you are a strict follower of fashion, you need to be an advisor to make him a liar. He will tell you " I will never wear it " Models you find outdated can cause you to "cool" over time. How do we like these pieces now?

Fashion is a world-leading industry. It is affected by the conditions of the economy, political conjuncture and economic developments. In every decade in the last century, fashion has created its own periods in the direction of these factors. But; the designers, who had to create 2 to 6 different collections every year, began to trend again at certain intervals when the inspiration they were looking for was in the past. When we come to years 2010, leaving the fashion icons to go on sale, photographing with pieces that have not yet been exhibited, even at the festival, is not enough for the insatiable consumption madness. The designers found the remedy, the forgotten parts, which no longer wears. Stylists loved this idea.

In the Spring-Summer 2018 season deficits, some parts we have seen on "it-girls" that have shaped the fashion of street fashion are being discussed quite aesthetically. The use of these clothes and accessories from the 90s was further enhanced by the fashionable influence of subcultures. Think of the Vetements, which succeeded in transforming pieces of underwear culture clothing into a global desire object. They made a great deal of business cooperation with DHL and they sell a DHL shirt for 540 Euros at the moment. The "ugly" sports shoes of the same brand, which originated from the business partnership with Reebok, exemplified many brands. Talebin density means that the models produced by the sports clothing brands in the 90s will be on the rails again; Brands such as Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Stella McCartney produce ugly shoe models that have been exhausted before they go on sale; Off-White led to Nike, Louis Vuitton to Supreme, and Raf Simons to take this business one step further by working with Adidas.

The ugliness rate of sports shoes is often directly proportional. It may not be hard for us to include them in our fast life. So what about buckets? With Balenciaga's announcement of a definite return to the 2018 Resort collection, the number of those who favored Carrie in his discussions with Berger was not too small. Today, Hailey Baldwin's wearing a pretzel buckle with Prada joining Jimmy Fallon's television show is as normal as Bella Hadid's photographing with these buckles on his way to the spore.

The same Bella Hadid does not wear cyclist tights on the way to the spore. A party they participated with Kendall Jenner during the Cannes Film Festival; rider trousers, backpack and jewels bringing young style inspirations from the end of the 90's. Yeezy's unofficial model and full-time publicity face, like Kim Kardashian, is bringing sporting looks in plain colors to luxury.

The most trendy accessory of the season is sunglasses, not only Hadid's, Jenner's; Everyone seen as a style icon. Do not look XXS; the effects are large. Their stance is so strong; bohemian, retro or futuristic, they complete the clothes you want. Such familiarity with these glasses has made it very difficult to choose another sunglasses model for the post of 2018.

Waist bags are also part of a similar promotional process. Like their models, the transport styles have also undergone a major shift. We do not realize that we can wear waistbags crosswise, like backpacks or belts; Maybe this model provided our peace of mind. Those who wear them now are not only far away tourists. They do not come to us funny either.

Logomania, high-heeled shoes worn with short socks, parts that are the main material of the plastic; The "low key" look of the '90s has taken over the streets. Because, at the time, the women who lead the fashion in the society with their positions in the society, on the screen or on the stage, leaving their places to Instagram phenomena. It does not matter whether the phenomena are really fashion workers, top fashioners working with the best stylists in the world, or just people who spend good money in beautiful places. The fact that the clothes they wore on behalf of being different, the accessories they wear become widespread in a huge follower mass; these people are connected to a few good photos that they give in aesthetically debated pieces. Because " Clothing itself is less important than the photo frames used to sell it; which is used to sell licensed products after these frames "says Diana Crane.

Fashion is the reflection of the present. The way to look obsolete while using retro parts is that of updating them with references from today's fashion.

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