Shopping period through "Stories" in Instagram

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The popular social media platform Instagram became a major sales channel for brands you know.

announced that the platform, which gained huge amounts of money and won at the same time,

Trademarks trading through Instagram could not use Stories for sale until now. Companies that sell their products interactively on the standard stream will be able to use popular Stories from now on as well. Items in the content can be purchased quickly with the symbol of "shopping cart" placed on Stories in the new period. This innovation looks really good for brands. In Instagram, Stakeholder infrastructure uses the most brands to reach more people. The new term makes this process much more effective and interactive for everyone. It's also easier than ever to get a favorite outfit / product in the story.


How does the new algorithm of Instagram work?

The company has elaborated on this issue for months. Accordingly, the new algorithm works by looking at the time and of the shared content in relation to the account holder being followed . The algorithm, which looks at the content you already liked, even assesses its closeness to people. The system, which is more prominent than the new shared content, continuously develops itself by watching you. This means that if you are interested in new, the flow is changing. This situation, which works very well statistically, suffers from great reaction because unfortunately there is no chance to choose people. Unfortunately, in the statement made by the company states that it will not be taken back

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