Sexual arousal in undesirable situations

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Sexual arousal can be a big problem if you live with your partner, make it easy, but live in unwanted situations or in unexpected moments. The presence of genital ailments, even when sex is not wanted or even avoided, can leave individuals in a difficult situation. And the situation we are talking about is still valid, especially for unscrupulous sexual intercourse, that is, harassment and rape.

The source of the stimulation is the brain

Why do we sometimes experience genital arousal when we do not want it? Emily Nagoski, who teaches sexuality, has the answer to this question. The section in the brain, called the "award center," consists of three different systems that are interconnected but can be separated. Nagoski calls these three parts liking, wanting and learning. The genetic arousal that occurs in unwanted moments is caused by the lack of relationship between the three sections, as Nagoski says.

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<p> Research done in recent years shows that genital blood flow increases in sex-related factors. Moreover, this increase also applies when there is no experience of enjoyment and desire. To better understand this topic, we can explain the learning section of the brain's reward system with Pavlov's puppy experiment. In the widely known experiment, scientist Pavlov plays a bell before giving food to his dog and repeats it every time. And after a point, he observes that your dog's saliva begins to flow when he hears the bell, even if it is not food. The learning department of the brain works just like this experiment. <strong> As a result, when we encounter any sexually related stimulus that is related to sex, we can experience genital arousal without regard to whether we want it or not, whether we like it or not. Nagoski calls it 'arousal mismatch.' </strong> </p>
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Genital arousal may be independent of sexual desire

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