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İKSV Since 1973, it has been organizing important events in many fields of art and bringing artists and art lovers together. Jazz festival, music festival, film festival concerts, talk, youth culture art card On the contrary, they emphasize the importance of art and artist and encourage new generations to grow up.

Art is not an easy thing. Let's take the actor, for example. It's a day job, not a day. The role you play in your life is intermingled with a part of your soul at a point, and your private life is minimized if it is so messy. That is to say, Mert Firat in İKSV's latest advertisement "Seve Seve". Or let's say you are a musician and you are also Kerem Görsevsim who I will sample from the advertisement again. Even if you were an operation the day before the concert, the next day it was as if you were magnificent on stage as if nothing had happened.

Seve Seve Be Me Even Though I Was Abandoned

In the advertisement made with TBWA Istanbul, we see people from different points of art together. Those people are telling us what art is all about, in fact, a look. They emphasize how this desire is actually created with labor and the importance of not giving up trying. After all, this is a passion and only the really brave ones run with a risk from their followers. In fact, the risk is somewhere in the art.

İKSV's advertisement "Seve Seve" has a very successful artistic management. The dynamic nature of the passages of the ad allows you to focus on the content you are watching. The visual world shaped by the subject of the narrators is conceived in a concept that most of us can see in Vimeo and assign to the list of appreciation. The multiplication of the images takes you into the video while still watching the collage video style.

It is also a minimalist and pleasant approach to the arts and artists' foregrounding what art lovers and artists do for art by saying "love to the house" rhyming with "i-ka-se-ve"

Videoda Mert Firat acting, Kerem Görsev talking about musicianship Vahit Tansoy tells the cinema in the eyes of a cinema lover. Apart from these names, Melih Mertel, ceramic artist Burçak Bingöl, İKSV employee Erdal Hamamcı, media artist Refik Anadol, İKSV employee Deniz Ova, and cinema worker Erol Erbil are included.

Names that touch the art world and create value.

The ad, which lasted almost two minutes, was a video to be watched with pleasure.

Advertising Agency: Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts
Advertiser Team: İrem Akev, Meriç Yirmili
Advertising Agency: TBWA Istanbul
Production Company: Anima İstanbul
Director: Ömer Faruk Gürgen
Music: Kaan Düzarat
Used Media: TV, Digital, Press

Visual: Vimeo

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