Returning to Turkey Belongs to the Gypsies daughter Parts


Zeugma Mosaic's 12 part of the agreement, which was signed in Chicago to be sent to Turkey.

Culture and Tourism Ministry and the United States signed the agreement results in Bowling Green State University Zeugma Mosaic parts belonging to 12 will be brought to Turkey.

Culture and Tourism Ministry said parts between the university and officially agreement to return to Turkey was signed in Turkey's Consulate General in Chicago. Agreement on behalf of Turkey in New York Culture and Promotion Office Director Tulin Serman's Özduran, on behalf of the Bowling Green State University Rector Dr. Rodney Rogers, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences Raymond Craig and University Vice-President Sean P. FitzGerald signed

Özduran made a written statement on the agreement, due to be returned to Turkey, parts of Zeugma said they were very happy. Özduran thanked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior and the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep for emphasizing once again that the preliminary agreement on the cultural understanding of the international arena was emphasized once again.

( Kidnapped US from Turkey 5000 Annual Sculpture Sold 14 Million Dollars )

The University management said in a statement, the 12-piece mosaic of the famous Gypsy Girl announced that it would be sent to Turkey later this year.

Turkey's Consul General in Chicago Hope Acer also present at the signing ceremony in his speech, Bowling thanked for their show of good faith and cooperation Green State University officials. "I would like to thank the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their work on restoring our archaeological and cultural heritage in different parts of the world to our country."

The Zeugma mosaics, bought out of the illegal excavations at the site of Zeugma in the 1960s and purchased from the art dealer named Peter Marks for $ 35,000 in Bowling Green State University in 1965,

First attempt in 2012

The ministry made the first attempt for the artifacts with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs channel immediately after the determinations made in February 2012. But at that time the university administration stated that the $ 35,000 they paid for purchasing the items came to 260,000 dollars with the exchange rates of 2012, and that the money would be returned to them, provided that the money was paid to them. As a second option, the university asked for 20 students per year, and a total of 200 Turkish students to study in their own institutions.

( in 2016 in Turkey and Egypt, the United States has missed countless Historical Building )

The ministry officials rejected both demands of the university because it was not ethically correct, and gave the university a chance to introduce it to all circles, including where the work of sensitive behavior would be exhibited by returning it to the university.

The second step was taken

A second attempt was made in 2017 for the Mosaics of Zeugma, which was suspended due to this attitude of the university but was constantly followed by Ministry experts. Culture and Tourism Ministry, the university management changing Turkey's Consul General in Chicago had sent a new text to be returned to the Zeugma Mosaic through. Inscriptions on the territory of Turkey is clearly making a meeting was asked to be returned to the expressed mosaic.

( Working on the Missing Pieces of the Gypsy Girl Mozie )

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Bowling Green State University Art Wolfe in the üslenirk be built replicas of the works to be exhibited at the Center, parts shipping to Turkey's Culture and Tourism Ministry will be held.

Gypsy Daughter Daughter

This mosaic adorned the base of a villa's dining room in the ancient city of Zeugma. It was found in the rescue excavations of Zeugma Antique City in the autumn of 1998. It is currently being exhibited in a private room on the second floor of the Zeugma Mosaic Museum.

Only a female head figure remained from the mosaic, which suffered great damage. In this mosaic, the female figure is looking to the right, her puffy hair is cut in half, and a wife plaque is attached to her incest. Narrow-faced, cheeky bones are dislocated and full-faced. There is a large ring earring intertwined in the ears.

In an opinion, this figure could be Maine Gaia, as well as Mainad in Dionysos festivals due to the hanging spines near his head.

Anadolu Agency. 15.05.2018.


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