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Markets can renew their strategies and visual identities over time. It's something big brands can do at some time. Even if the basic things do not change, some details about how to catch the new target masses sometimes soften and sometimes harden. Best Buy also reshapes its market strategy at the end of 30 years. The brand changes its visual identity for the 2020 strategy and removes Best Buy from the label. The new mark logo is now more modern and polite.

Younger and Modern

With this innovation, the technology retailer has launched a new logo, visual identity and campaign to enrich the consumer's life with technology. Best Buy aims to be more modern and consistent with time with its new visual identity . The new strategies have moved on May 9 with "Let's talk about what's possible". It is especially emphasized that in the press release, the brand's visual identity has been renewed for the first time in 30 years. It must be a very exciting process for this brand.

With his new strategy, Best Buy aims to position itself as a friend who understands the customers' wishes and will inspire them on technology. In short, inspirational stories of blue t-shirts will come out in many ways in the future. Everything in the new visual identity is designed to highlight the company's culture, its expertise and its talented employees.

He has published two short commercials supporting visual identity and "Let's talk about what's possible". Commercial films directed by Errol Morris2 also support the new brand position.


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