Renewable energy investments continue to grow: The energy consumed by Apple and Google is now 100% renewable – Greenist

Globally, the growth of renewable energy continues at a fast pace. More than 100 cities now produce mostly electricity from renewable energy sources, while renewable energy sources in Europe produce more electricity than coal for the first time


The International Renewable Energy Agency says that by 2020, all renewable energy sources will be cheaper than fossil fuels. This trend is especially followed by large companies.


When it comes to the technology industry, Google and Apple, one of the first companies to come to mind, have announced that they are now supplying their energy needs from renewable energy sources in succession.


In the blog post they share, Google has now taken more energy from renewable sources of energy than it used to. The company's goal in 2017 was to provide energy from renewable energy sources used by all of its offices and 13 data processing centers.


This does not mean that only Google's offices and data centers use renewable energy. Google has invested in renewable energy sources as much as the energy consumed by the company. So the company has the wind and solar energy sources built for Google's use only for every kilowatt hour consumed.


Google says that these renewable energy sources in their blog posts now generate more energy than their needs. However, Google says for the moment it is not possible for a company of its size to work with renewable energy, but it also explains that investments in renewable and clean energy sources will continue.


Apple's new giant campus Apple Park has solar panels on its roof


Likewise, Apple's global operations are not "working" with renewable energy sources. But in yesterday's announcement, Apple announced that they have renewable energy as much as the energy they now use with their renewable energy investments and green energy estimates.


The iPhone maker is also investing in wind, windshields and other clean energy sources almost everywhere in the world. At the same time, the company has announced that they will provide renewable energies for their newly built Apple Park campus.


Unfortunately, due to dependence on central power distribution networks, regional monopolies and bureaucratic obstacles, it is not possible for these two "giant" companies to work with renewable energy sources. But these companies do not diminish the importance of the investments they make.


The investments made by Google and Apple are causing a tangible change in the economic system in the region. Sometimes these investments are also made on behalf of systems that do not have the power to invest in these regions, so renewable energy sources have a chance to grow. If we think that both companies will grow even bigger, with the help of these investments the International Renewable Energy Agency's predictions will become reality

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