Refreshing taste of Iftar table: Ottoman şerbeti


Güler carries Ottoman and Turkish food daily, "Almost all the flowers in the Ottoman cuisine, şerbeti made. The sherbet fan is very rich. "

The indispensable Ottoman cuisine is presented to those who want to refresh themselves with the original description of the palace kitchen and Ramadan .
Ali Güler who carries the day with the original recipes of Ottoman and Turkish dishes in Kadıköy is prepared by preparing 48 kinds of sherbet with special recipes. Reflecting all the colors of nature, the sherbet offers the taste as well as the visual feast to the crows.

Güler, who used to drink water and medicine in the Ottoman period and made a glass of goblet which is determined by crystal glasses, sale price and catering law, but now forgotten, is doing the Ottoman sherbles in the restaurant with the original description 365 days a year.

Has been making Ottoman sherbet for 15 years

Ali Güler replied to the questions of the AA correspondent and said that he has done Ottoman sherbet for 15 years in the restaurant where 720 kinds of Ottoman and Turkish cuisine are served.

Güler stated that his father, his uncle and his father had turned the restaurant to a restaurant after Kadıköy opened 53 years ago and they turned the restaurant to Ottoman and Turkish cuisine in 2003 due to the suggestion of the deficient customers " he said.

The most preferred sherbet said that the most important feature of tamarind which is expressed as " Ottoman sherbet's sultan " is blood making and energizing, said:

"This sherry can even drink 5 months old babies and pregnant women. Lavender syrup calms people down. Almost all the flowers in the Ottoman kitchen are made with sherbet. The sherbet fan is very rich. How we serve Ottoman cuisine lebiderya, in our restaurant we offer over 720 Ottoman and Turkish cuisine. Every day is 13-14 meals. We change the head every day. There are about 48 sherbet varieties in our world. "

Ramadan sherbet recommendations

Ali Güler proposed drinking 2 glasses of tamarind sherbet on the shelf to get the daytime heat in Ramadan, which coincided with hot days.

Güler added, "The most important sherbet is rose syrup. The leaves are natural in it. Definitely not ice. In the cupboard, it is cooled after 4-5 hours and then it is drunk. Mint refreshes syrup. Poppy, I recommend the cranberry sherbet. "

Diabetic liquor

Ali Güler, a special diabetic sherbet for sugar diseases, said: "This is a product from the sour apple that grows in the Ozü Kastamonu mountains. No sugar, no sweetener in it. Totally natural. There is also a feature of dropping sugar. "

Güler, who has always known himself as "Ali Baba", has decided to produce his sherbet under the brand name of Ali Baba. Ali Baba, who is a world brand, has started to sell his products with his name after 8 months because he was not registered in the beverage section. .

Güler, expressing that the sherry is a useful drink in health, "If there is a loss of gas drinks, the Ottoman sherbet is also a registered trademark. Ottoman syrup is 365 days. But unfortunately, Ramadan comes to mind. However, this is a culture. "


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