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With the arrival of spring, our hair color, our model, the colors and models we used in our clothes started to change. Do we have makeup? Max Factor make-up artist Fezi Altun explained the secrets of makeup that will reflect the radiance of the sun to your skin.

Fezi Altun emphasized that the make-up routines have begun to change with the spring months, "The make-up used to be more creamy and lighter. In colors, more pastel shades should be preferred. "

ALTUN; while the makeup in the spring months, in contrast to the other periods, pink, lilac, sky blue and peach tones are highlighted in the eyes and on the cheek. Fezi Altun recommends Max Factor Creme Puff Blush for a blush in natural tones with the comment "You can add sparkle to your make-up with appropriate shades of Bahara."

"You can get a trendy look by using the ultraviolet" tones of the year in your makeup in spring, "says Fezi Altun, who also explains the golden rule to use these colors; "Black with pastel colors – dark navy and dark brown should not be used. You can do more combinations with red kahves, purple-blue and green tones.

Fezi Altun emphasizes that the makeup of the skin should always be applied to a well moistened skin and not completely dull.

In the spring months, instead of matte lip sticks, a more moisturizing lip-like appearance emerges, instead of 24 hours moisturizing, SPF20 sun protection and glare control Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony. Fezi Altun's suggestion for natural and impressive lips is;

The Max Factor Color Elixir Honey Lacquer series, which produces a fuller lip look with its perfect formula and specially developed formula to keep your lips moist all day long.

Max Factor The recommended selling price of Creme Puff Blush ' 62,90 TL

Max Factor The recommended selling price of Healthy Skin Harmony 64,90 TL

Max Factor color The recommended selling price of Elixir Honey Lacquer 44,90 TL

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