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Contemporary artists are pushing the boundaries of glass art with extraordinary work. Wearable glass sculptors and galaxy-shaped glass spheres were among the impressive examples we recently had. French glass artist Julie Gonce is recreating the nature with the glass to the finest details and growing her passion for the art of glass.

Julie Gonce; budding flowers, the moss on the trees and the new sprouting plants are all recreated from the glass. The aim of the artist, who has been dealing with glass art since 1997, is to make the viewer more careful of our changing planet and realize its hidden beauty. Gonce's childhood has been in an environment full of artists and this has allowed him to discover his creative direction.

Traditional French glass art techniques

The gon is moving with passion, especially as it keeps old French glass making techniques alive. Therefore, traditional methods such as glass blowing, glass melting and glass bead making are applied. Using two types of glass, borosilicate and soda lime, the artist places glass works on materials such as wood, seed, mushroom, paper, textile, metal, bone. The artist chose to live near a forest because he saw nature as a source of love and inspiration.

The works of Julie Gonce are now on a mixed exhibition in Paris Galerie Collection . The exhibition will continue until the beginning of 2019. You can follow the artist

from the Instagram profile where he started to be active 1 week ago

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To recreate the beauty of nature with glass"

Visual: Julie Gonce

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