Recommendations to lose weight while fasting

We offer recommendations for weight loss while fasting during Ramadan . Try to do what is best in your hand, practice our suggestions carefully. Be sure to lose weight while fasting will be easier than you think.

Natural slimming recipes, healthy beverage consumption and eating home-made meals will help to lose weight while fasting. If you focus and move according to your intentions, you will be relieved on the feast.

Increase your metabolic rate!

When fasting, the metabolism slows down because we are hungry for long hours. As a result, the amount of calories burned by the body is reduced. However, the half hour walk you will do after two hours from fasting will help speed up metabolism .

Lose weight with healthy drinks!

When the body is dehydrated, the problem of excessive appetite and grease arises. To prevent this in Ramadan, it is necessary to consume healthy drinks and meet the water need of the body. detoks You can consume healthy drinks such as water

between the iftar and the imsak,

Eat peacefully and quietly

If you eat a lot and you eat a lot, insulin hormone is secreted in the body too much. The body starts to grease if you can not use it. For this reason, open a glass of water and two palms in your iftard. Take a bowl of soup and rest for five minutes.

Absolutely stand up in Ramadan!

It may be hard to get up from sleep in the middle of the night, but both health absolutely stake to lose weight. You can choose to eat foods that are chewy on sahur and you can fast in energy and peace the next day.

Natural fat burning yogurt cure!

You can eat foods such as eggs, smoked meat, oatmeal, cheese, whole wheat bread, walnuts,

When fasting, there may be constipation, fatigue, edema and bloating. However, you can lose weight while fasting thanks to the yoghurt cure prepared entirely with natural nutrients.

After two hours we will eat fat-burning yoghurt and advise you to drink a glass of water for half an hour until you are asleep.


Eat milk dessert, not frequent!

You need to pay attention to your sweet choices to lose weight while fasting. Although doughy and mellow desserts such as baklava seem attractive, it is useful to stay away from them. The best is to prefer milky sweetness like rose or rice pudding. You can eat several times a week. But do not forget: Sweet, sweet foods negatively affect blood sugar. The next day you are hungry very fast and your energy drops when you are fasting.

You learned to lose weight while fasting.

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