Recommendations from experts to be happy

Being happy in life is all about us! We find it beneficial to take advantage of expert advice for this. As the "High Heels" team, we share our scientifically proven bliss recommendations with our esteemed readers. Now, start to read our special news by giving yourself a chance to be happy.

Thank you for everything: Professor Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania; the people who spent the night with three good things that made them happy showed that they were happier than others. It does not have to matter what makes you happy;

Put yourself a target: Psychologist Jonathan Freedman says that those who put short or long term goals to them are more likely than those who do not. happy . Richard Davidson of the University of Wisconsin, says, "Working towards a goal will put in positive emotions."

For example, walking 15 minutes every day can be a nice destination. You can try learning new English 5 times a week. You can aim to accumulate 100 TL per month.

Smile often: Acting like a smile and happy makes you feel better when you're really upset. According to many researches; Even just the smile movement makes people feel happier. Comedy movies or even watching funny videos on the internet will make you happy.

Make good friends: A study by the University of Nottingham; adults who say they have at least 10 good friends are happier than those with five or fewer close friends. According to the study;

We are here to be your best friend, " High Heels " to make you feel happier. Beauty, diet personal development, women's health, pregnancy and many other topics to make your life easier and happy to offer information. Because friendship requires this 🙂

Be faithful: According to the new works done; faithful people are much more satisfied and happier than their lives according to the non-believers. Assoc. As a result of Bruce Headey's 25-year research at Melbourne University, faithful people appeared to be more anxious and emotionally stable than their career worries.

Use more blue: researchers at the University of Sussex; he found that blue color destroyed the stress, increased happiness and improved self-confidence. According to the study; Those who see blue color in their surroundings feel happier. According to a study published in the British Daily Mail, blue love extends to our ancestors. Especially in the evening, being in the blue color makes the person more happy

Help to be happy: According to the research published in the Psychological Bulletin; Spending money for other people, not for yourself, will make you feel better. According to the research that shows that the happiest people are the greatest donors; you can get happiness by donating and giving money to others.

Make your life innovate: Studies; people who joined the adventure, had new experiences, and changed their routines were happier. Trying out new things also warns the brain waves. For example, watch a movie of the kind you have never seen. If you go home the same way every day, change your way.

Be neutral: The author of the book 'Ultimate Happiness Prescription' Deepak Chopra; to be happy and to be neutral to be enlightened. "If you stop defending your point of view, you save 99 percent of your energy and you'll be much happier," Chopra says.

Sleep at least 6 hours a day: A study done in England; a minimum of 6 hours 15 minutes a day without sleeping, people are happy to have exposed. Take advantage of this enjoyment, arrange your sleep, and sleep peacefully.

Romanticism is important: Relations have a great influence on happiness. According to research by Cornell University scientists; people who are related; they are happier than those who do not.

Sit close to work: In recent studies in England, people who are 20 minutes away from the job are claimed to be happier. The length of the road that is folded every day; it directly affects health and fitness.

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