Rahim Mouth Cancer Screening Example

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Turkey, women's cancer in the first place in one of the early diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer is leading the world in order to begin 2014 with HPV-DNA testing.

nediyor.co I – Turkey, women with early diagnosis and treatment of the first row in one of the cervical cancer in cancer in order that 2014 begins with HPV-DNA test was an example to the world.

Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Gynecologic Oncology, Faculty of Medicine and European Gynecologic Oncology Association (ESGO) Vice Chair Assoc. Dr. Murat Gültekin answered the questions of the AA correspondent because of "the month of awareness of the cervix."

Gültekin recalled that cervical cancer, called cervical cancer, was defined as a "preventable death cause" by the World Health Organization (WHO). 10 percent of female cancer in the world directly to the Human papillomavirus infection (HPV), indicating that develops depends Gideon, he said that HPV is responsible for 5 percent of female cancer in Turkey.

Gideon, 500 years in the world thousands of women to cervical cancer diagnosis is established and pointing killed about half of those people, "Turkey in the year is put about a thousand 800 women to cervical cancer diagnosis. This means that every 100th to 4th women are diagnosed with cancer of the cervix. More than half of these cases are diagnosed in the advanced stage. "

"HPV-DNA tests are much more effective than" smear "

Gültekin stated that screening for this disease, which is the most killing gynecologic cancer of WHO, and suggesting that each country should establish its own control policy, has been used by women to assess the cervix and to check for both infections and cancer or cancer prevalence. He said he had a special test named "smear."

The results of the HPV-DNA screening test, which has been applied in recent years, show that the results are much more effective. "Scientific data showed that the HPV-DNA tests were much more effective than the smear test. HPV testing is both more sensitive and easier to sample than the smear. "

Murat Gultekin, from 2014 to cervical cancer in Turkey, stating that begin screening with HPV DNA testing, it's Cancer Early Diagnosis, Screening and Education Center (at screening) and Family Health is central in free structures, women between 30-65 years of age He said he was scanned with these tests every 5 years.

Gültekin noted that only 4 out of 100 smear positive patients detected cancer and pancreatic diseases, 24 out of 100 positive HPV-DNA tests could detect cancer or predisposed diseases.

"Cancer detection rate with HPV-DNA test is 95 percent"

Gültekin emphasized that 90% of the cases detected by screening were in the first stage and that the lives of hundreds of women were saved this year, and the rate of catching cancer was 60% with smear and 95% with HPV-DNA test

Murat Gültekin, reported the following information:

"If the HPV-DNA test is negative, the smear test should be done at more frequent intervals, and this test gives clear figures that the risk of cancer is very low in the next 5 years.

If the smear test is 'normal', the risk of developing cancer is 38 / 10,000 in 5 years and the risk of developing cancer is 9 / 10.000 if HPV-DNA is 'negative'. While HPV-DNA testing is a laboratory test, there is no significant difference between pathologists interpreting the smear result. It is also an easier test to do as a work force. Millions of women can be screened for HPV-DNA from a center with a limited number of pathologists. Regular follow-up in the long run of those who are 'positive' with HPV-DNA results is extremely important for the early detection of cancer. "

"Turkey has pioneered in Europe"

Gideon, Turkey's international in cancer screening guidelines also located in the HPV-DNA test, that takes place in the first place among countries where the social screening programs attract attention, said:

"of female obstetricians in Turkey conducted by taking smear from patient had a screening program, KETEMs and family physicians were also going to support this program. Since 2014, 1 in Turkey, especially in health care institutions, began to be applied to HPV DNA testing is viewed.

Turkey, HPV-DNA screening that, among the first countries in the world. HPV DNA in cervical cancer screening study to Turkey, the Netherlands and Turkey began in Australia at the same time, but first passed in 2014. In December 2017, the Netherlands, Australia and Sweden passed. Denmark, Switzerland and Norway, which have completed their pilot studies, will provide full transition in France, England and Poland, and Serbia in 2019 this year. Our country was one of the countries that set an example for the world with this application that it had spent much time before the developed countries. Turkey was pioneered in Europe with this feature. "

Gideon, about one million women a year in Turkey, underlined that the HPV-DNA test done.


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