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Whether sports brands do youth events or not, we see with examples from our country and abroad. Particularly for brands to capture the young people and the tone they are talking about, they shoot the photographs and make their branding according to the target audience. Of course, the young people like the party. Who does not like it anyway, we are all very much alive from Friday to Sunday as a whole day. If you feel young or young, do not you all have a party monster in it? But sometimes the language you use the markers can exaggerate and your mind may come back to the beginning. For example, as a close example of what happened to Puma

There was an event organized by Puma together with JD Sports during our week in London ; "House of Hustle". Before this event, Puma sent fake 50-euro banknotes and sketch-looking business cards in a Puma shoe box. Business cards also wrote "turn on the trap line", which means that Turkish meali "activate trap line". Trap (Trap) also comes to mean drug trade in the British arrogance. When I open the phone, I get a message to the person and invite him to the House of Hustle party.

Yo Dostum, This Party Can Only Enter Invitees

If Puma is a party house invited by young people, it is like typical young people occupying a house and giving a party. I mean, there's a lot of broken-down weather, there are graphs on the walls, places are dirty or something. Dövmeciler offer to do tattoos. So everything was actually edited so that the English trap youth would be pleased. The only distress is that it's too realistic for a brand. If this was not the activity of a brand, if the young people were active, then the party was already the police.

Following on … Who attended the @puma & @jdofficial House Of Hustle 'trap house' inspired party? ================================================== =================================== When we say freedom of expression … What is the difference between a black culture and a black culture? Let's take a look at the black culture. Taken from @dazed article … "Puma's recent" House of Hustle "party (thrown in partnership with JD Sports and marketing agency @BurbanneDs) took place in London's affluent Soho area last week, with invitees being sent Puma shoe boxes full of fake £ 50 Yo g what u sayin ',' I do not know what to do with the phone, but I do not know what to do. Puma's starter kit has been made available for sale in the United States. The trap house itself was covered in graffiti, with blacked out windows and dirty mattresses strewn on the floor, while drill acts including Loski performed and tattooists and barbers offered guests fresh ink, trims and grills. of drug It's nothing new, but a decided focus on class (and perhaps race) makes it a strange theme choice, especially given what's happening to London's working class youth right now. " . Read full article at Dazed. . British Black people in the arts gatekeepers, artists, creatives, adults and young do frickin better. . Also goes without saying white people, especially those who have never had a deal with having no options, who are looking at you, and knife, drug and gun crime as some sort of voyeuristic entertaining past time. Do A LOT better! Also piss off to whomever came up with this concept. ================================================== =================================== #HouseOfHustle #Puma #JD #Youth #Crime #Drugs #Drill # exploitation #povertyporn

These overly realistic details that escaped the attention of Puma's marketing agency and Puma employees, of course, do not escape the attention of the people following the brand. Social services expert Amber Gilber Coutts misunderstands these extreme realistic details and the fact that the brand is unaware of encouraging young people to things that are not cool, and writes and shares an open letter to the brand from Instagram. In summary, he says that it is wrong for young people to encourage such media in the form of brands. Emphasizing that it is not cool to show off the dark sides of the city, Coutts underlines that drug use in younger ages has resulted in violence, severe deprivation and social pain.

Pumaysa kept a little silence before this open letter and thought what to answer. I mean, it was obvious that he would rather apologize. Which is the wish. It is stated that the words "trap" and "trapping" are wrong to claim that these words are actually used to run and work hard, but in street language it is not related to drugs. They also underline that the brand will never try to show the drug nicely and coolly.

They say they do not want to be tied to drug use and sale as a brand and to encourage young people to do so.

We are in a period where people should pay more attention to what brands say. If we praise a thing, nobody can easily lynch us because we are affecting a mass of 100 people. But if the millions on the internet see your sharing, then your actions and words need to be designed into a chess player. Unfortunately Puma also learned it a bit sad for them. As a matter of fact, we will soon forget this event as soon as we are living with attention of 3 seconds.

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