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Publicis Groupe has announced that during the year we passed in Cannes Lions, there will be no promotional and promotional activities around the globe, with a surprising statement . No festivals, including SXSW and Cannes Lions, were raffled for one year, no advertising contest no matter what size, or no promotional activity. At the end of 2017, Diesel's award-winning Eurovision with Publicis Italia's campaign Go With The Flaw examined the winning process . Even though Publicis did not participate directly in the competition, the advertiser could apply again and Publicis's business could win a prize again. And all of this was in Marcel, which was launched today at Viva Technology.

All Publicis employees unite!

At the end of January, Publicis Grouple CEO Arthur Sadoun published a video with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and announced a partnership between the two companies. For Marcel, the forces were united and speed was given to the work. Presenting today's presentation, Marcel brings together 80,000 Publicis employees and brings them together in a single database. The ideas provide for the projects to meet with names from around the world with mass sourcing.

In the demo presentation made, Marcel is also asked to look for an experienced retailer and an experienced product launcher. Marcel lists hundreds of names. Then avoid the question that Samsung is working on. And our anthem is the ideal name. You can then send messages directly through the application, communicate, and take the first steps of the project. All the experts under the roof of Publicis Groupe are under the knowledge of Marcel and expect to establish the right connections in case of need.

In the idea sharing and mass resource phase, Marcel also creates a space for Publicis Groupe employees. Because it can be used to get notifications and comments about the projects. It is also possible to get comments from all over the world. At the same time, thanks to the campaigns in the database, it also offers job search, review and evaluation opportunities. If these researches are not enough, you can also enter the Cannes Archive. And more jobs can be reached.

The last merit of Marcel is that advertisers can directly deliver the creator brief via Marcel. Thus, it is possible to create teams from around the world, to work on global brands and to produce ideas. Marcel, on the other hand, is a strong signal for the transition of major groups and organizations in the advertising world to the mobile world. Because today, Cannes Lions also announced the

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