Protect the health of your skin with Sebamed!

Protecting yourself against environmental influences with the natural protective layer of our skin, our largest organ, wrapping our whole body. However, many care products we use leave the skin vulnerable by disrupting the pH balance, the natural protection mechanism of the acid layer.

Sebamed's pH 5.5 products which match the pH of the skin to 5.5 help keep our skin healthy and beautiful. Sebamed pH 5.5 It also provides precise care that is needed when deep cleansing your liquid skin.

Sebamed Liquid facial cleansing gel with no soap and alkali, pH value of 5.5, strengthens the natural protective layer of the skin.

While gently cleansing your skin and thoroughly cleansing the pores, Pentavitin® moisturizes the skin with glycerin, panthenol, vitamins and allantoin.

Sebamed Liquid, developed by German experts for many years of R & D studies, has been subjected to clinical and dermatological tests. Sebamed Liquid, which does not contain coloring additives, is offered for sale in 200 ml and 1000 ml bottles

All products of the Sebamed brand, preferred by those who want to have a beautiful natural skin, support the natural barrier function of the skin acid mantle with pH 5.5. Sebamed pH 5.5 family;

Sebamed shampoo family

The family of Sebamed shampoo ; daily use shampoo, anti-dandruff, anti-depression and anti-hair types to provide solutions for different needs

The Clear Face Compact, Clear Face Cleansing Foam, Clear Face Sensitive Peeling, Clear Face Cleansing Face Tone, Clear Face Care Gel and Clear Face Color Anti-Acne Cleansing Cream are included in Sebamed acne and anti-

It helps you get a healthy skin by fighting against acne, black spot and roughness without breaking the natural balance.

Sebamed baby care products Sebamed with a pH 5.5 formula, care for your baby's delicate skin. Sebamed baby care products also recommended by pediatricians; It offers all the products you need for your baby's care with rash, shampoo, bath foam, care cream, baby lotion, skin protective oil, wet wipes and sun creams.

The Sebamed family completes personal care with deodorant, lip balm, hand and body care products all with a pH 5.5 formula.

concept was developed in the mid-1950s by the German physician who Sebamed pH 5.5 Heinz Maurer products are sold in more than 80 countries including Turkey. The Sebapharma Laboratories in central Germany offer high quality products that meet the needs of consumers with extensive clinical and R & D work.

Omega Pharma, Perrigo Turkey About

Global health products were established in Omega Pharma 1987 in the company Perrigo. In 35 countries, the leading prescription pharmaceuticals and personal care brands with serving the human health and the science of Omega Pharma, since 2009 in Turkey, weight control, weight management, head lice, hand and foot care, hair removal, deodorant, activities in areas such as pregnancy and ovulation test show.

Perrigo is one of the largest non-prescription pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world, offering quality and affordable healthcare products to consumers and consumers, in 1887, producing packaging for home-made medicines. The company is also among the world's leading prescription topical drug manufacturers. Located in central Ireland, Perrigo sells predominantly in North America and Europe, as well as in many other markets including Australia and China. Further information: /

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