Product to change work places and look at work: Microsoft Surface Hub 2 [Video]



Software devi Microsoft surprised today with an interesting surprise and released the new product Surface Hub 2 named after it. This device seems incredible in the capacity to change the workplace and the work view .

The new Surface Hub 2 on the Microsoft Surface Hub is basically a gigantic touchscreen. Here we are talking about 50.5 inch size and 4K + resolution. The product, which can be used in vertical or horizontal position, can adjust the interface accordingly. The special stylus pen allows the product to be drawn with the model, as we say, directly focuses on the business world. That is, the non-home user Microsoft Surface Hub 2 can be turned into a giant video conferencing window with an external camera. The product, which can be connected side by side to become a larger screen, can make this process very easy and impressive with its thin frames. Naturally The work assistant built on the Windows 10 operating system also has a built-in fingerprint reader . Hub 2 which many employees can customize on their own gets its processing power from its hardware. This makes it an independent solution.


Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is a really innovative device

Partner tests will be available at the end of 2018, while sales will be available in 2019 Hub 2 is still unknown. The company, which sold the first version at exactly 9 thousand dollars, is said to be going up this time.





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