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It is a fact that I have changed the environments where the disco ball is located. It is a nice object as a whole, as if they both need a shape or a brightness. Two artists, Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan, will love the disco ball, which features a dark room with fifty disco balls in its final placement projects. In fact, not only fifty disco balls, but also colored and timed lights, and equipped with the colors in the darkness

Everything was dark before and afterwards Colors came

Kyle and Jonas utilized the three projectors instead of the reflections of random lights in the placement of light in "Light Leaks". They have used hundreds of structured light scans to capture the volumetric position of the pixel projected by each of the three projectors. The team then transferred the three-dimensional center in SketchUp to verify the reflected pixel locations. Small reflections from the projectors fill the room with the surrounding patterns surrounding the room

The team describes Light Leaks placement as an interesting area between a meditative area and a restless imbalance. They also think that this installation is an experiment to test a deep and unconventional experience by combining an object with a computer vision. The installation has already taken place at the Music Center LA (20145811), at the Scopitone Festival (Nantes, 2015) and the last La Gaîté Lyrique ) was established and exhibited.

Kyle McDonald is an assistant professor in NYU and artists from Carnegie Mellon. The artist likes to make art with codes. Three years ago we had included Exhausting Crowd in his name project

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